beach themed baby shower
Baby Shower Ideas

10 Darling Beach Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

By On July

The soothing blues, whites and grays of the ocean surf. The outdoor boardwalk cafes. The seashells, sea horses and sand dollars. What’s not to love about the beach? If you are planning… Read More

5 diy wedding reception decorations

5 Money Saving Wedding Reception Decorations

By On July

Weddings are beautiful, fun, memorable… and some would say expensive as well. If the ring on your finger is making you scratch your head at how you’re going to afford the wedding… Read More

oubly baby shower centerpieces
Baby Shower Ideas

Lets Get Crafty: 10 Cute DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces

By On July

Are you planning a baby shower? Well, then it is likely that you are finding out that the fun and festive baby shower themes to choose from are endless. Everything from an… Read More

Oubly girls first birthday party theme

10 Most Creative First Birthday Party Themes for Girls

By On July

Image Source: Cutie Pie First Birthday Invitation  When we were kids all it took was a few balloons, a homemade birthday cake and a piñata and that was the makings of pretty… Read More

Oubly bridal shower gifts

10 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas You Won’t Regret

By On July

I love bridal showers. I am one of those women who just loves to play the games, eat the food and watch a bride-to-be celebrate her upcoming nuptials with festive pre-wedding activities.… Read More

DIY wine bottle centerpieces
DIY Wedding

9 Incredible DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces for Your Wedding

By On July

She said yes, the wedding announcements were sent, and congratulations ensued. With that, I’m sure there’s been more than just one bottle of wine opened. Instead of tossing those empties to the… Read More

cute icons graphic design tutorials

10 Cute Icon Graphic Design Tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator

By On July

There’s no doubt that we’re integrating with devices at a staggering rate, and it follows that icon design will become both more interesting as well as increasingly important as the need to… Read More

Purple baby shower ideas
Baby Shower Ideas

7 Stunning Ideas For A Purple Baby Shower

By On July

Do you have an expectant friend who shies away from the baby shower cakes and “guess the belly girth” games that entail the typical baby shower? If you do, you don’t need… Read More

Oubly fruit smoothies
Drink Recipes

Fruitylicious: 5 Fruit Smoothies that you will Love

By On July

Want to start your day on the right track? Then whip up a delicious vitamin packed smoothie that will keep your mind clear and your body happy. Here are a few of… Read More

wedding entrance

5 Stylish Ways to Arrive at Your Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

By On June

Image Source: iSock A memorable wedding day has always relied on lots of decisions – big and small – from the choice of venue to the all-important first dance. More recently, couples… Read More