oubly st. pattys day decorations

5 DIY St. Patty’s Day Decorations

By On March

At Modernize we are all about do-it-yourself whenever possible and while decorations for a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day are probably not a priority in your monthly budget, there are plenty of… Read More

Oubly no cook recipes

8 No Cook Recipes Perfect for Your Fairytale Inspired Party

By On February

Once upon a time, Macy felt tired of cooking the same old dishes in every party she organized. She longed for some inventive ideas by including “magical food” inspired by fairytales in… Read More

colorful house with yellow front door colors

7 Homes with Stunning Front Door Colors

By On February

Typically the front door isn’t the first place people think of to explore a new, bold paint color, but creating an entrance way to your home that’s night and sunny can create… Read More

oubly wedding proposals

5 Extraordinary Wedding Proposals You Can’t Say No To

By On January

Who doesn’t love witnessing a wedding proposal? Even if I’m not the lady being asked to get married, simply watching and knowing about it is already makes me teary eyed. If it… Read More

oubly valentines day illustrations

5 Ultra Cute Valentine’s Day Illustrations

By On January

We recently came across super cute Valentine’s Day themed illustrations. We adore the hilarious message, child like innocence, and cherub faced foodies that dominate each art piece. We hope you love these Valentine’s… Read More

new years eve party themes

10 Epic New Year’s Eve Party Themes

By On December

2015 is coming soon, which makes us want to throw a huge party.  We’ve searched high and low for the most epic New Year’s Eve party themes. We’re passing along the 10… Read More

Oubly christmas desserts

The 10 Greatest Christmas Desserts Ever Baked

By On December

Christmas isn’t just for giving and receiving; it’s for eating, too. We love these 10 recipes for Christmas desserts. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, they’ll make your palate start singing… Read More

oubly christmas wreaths

10 Ways to Make Incredible Christmas Wreaths

By On December

‘Tis the season for DIY. Christmas wreaths are expensive, so why not make one yourself? There are so many great tutorials online, and most of the wreaths are budget-friendly without sacrificing style.… Read More

Oubly Twinstripe DIY holiday ornaments

How to Make Sweet DIY Holiday Ornaments in 3 Easy Steps

By On December

November sure went by quickly! December has started, which means the holiday season is full swing. I’m a huge fan of decorating and crafting each holiday season. After viewing Oubly’s holiday ornament… Read More

oubly christmas ornaments

How to Make Christmas Ornaments with Gold Leaf & Ink

By On December

Hello! The holiday season is in full swing, and I’m delighted to visit Oubly’s blog and share a Christmas ornaments carft.  My inspiration came from Oubly’s new holiday greeting card called “Peaceful… Read More