oubly die cut business cards

30+ Cool Custom Die Cut Business Cards

Your business card may be the only thing a customer has to judge you by. Grab your customers attention with die cut business cards.

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oubly thick business cards

10 Free Business Card Templates for 2019

As a designer, one of the most important things is cementing the look of your business card. If you’re just starting out as a designer, you might not know where to start. We compiled this list of original free business card templates to give you a little push in the proper direction. Download your templates today.

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social media marketing blogs

11 Social Media Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2019

Social media moves at breakneck speed. Stay on top of your marketing efforts with these social media marketing blogs.

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b2b marketing strategy

5 Reasons Why Events are Important for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

The content you create affects the success of your B2B marketing strategy. Here are five reasons why events are crucial to your marketing strategy.

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weird business cards

30+ Most Unusual and Weird Business Cards

Finding business card inspiration is essential if you’re a graphic design. These weird business cards will help keep your creative design ideas flowing!

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oubly brand identity

5 Steps to Building a Strong Brand Identity

Creating a brand isn’t an easy task. Use our guide’s five steps to build a strong brand identity to win over as many hearts and minds as possible.

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nostalgic logo design

Nostalgic Logo Design: Yay or Nay for Your Business?

Nostalgic logo design has found a special place in reflecting permanence, stability in branding. Is going back to your brand’s roots the right move for you?

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web design trends to foillow

Creating Websites in 2019: 5 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends to Follow

Creating websites is always a challenge. Discover five web design trends that will help you grab your user’s attention.

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visual branding is important

7 Reasons Why Visual Branding is Important for Your Business 

Discover how visual branding captures customers attention in today’s competitive industries and how you use it in your marketing strategies.

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small business failure

3 Things to Avoid Small Business Failure

1/5 of all startups crumble within the first year of business! Discover three mistakes that lead to small business failure and how you can avoid them.

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