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10 Epic New Year’s Eve Party Themes

2015 is coming soon, which makes us want to throw a huge party.  We’ve searched high and low for the most epic New Year’s Eve party themes. We’re passing along the 10 most inspiring ones so that you can ring in the New Year in style.

1.  A Countdown Theme

new years eve party themes countdown

Image Source: 2Fiskars

 Since every New Year’s Eve ends with a countdown just before midnight, we love the idea of a countdown-themed party. Fiskars’ tutorial gets crafty with numbers to create a clever New Year’s Eve party theme.

 2. Winter Wonderland

new years eve party themes wine party snowflake

Image Source:  O Happy Day

Let’s face it: even though Winter Wonderland is a popular Christmas song, the New Year is only the start of the season. If that’s depressing, cheer yourself up by creating a Winter Wonderland theme for your NYE party, complete with a falling snowflake garland.

3. Ball-Drop Party

new years eve party themes

Image Source: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen 

Whether you watched it on TV or actually braved the New York City chaos in the freezing cold, it’s a NYE tradition to watch the ball drop in Times Square every year. Make these Ball Drop cupcakes at a New York themed party for some epic fun.

4. All that Glitters Party

new years eve party themes sparkly bottles

 Image Source: Ideas.Evite

New Year’s Eve make us think of all-things-sparkly. That’s why we love this tutorial on how to transform ordinary champagne bottles into glittery, gold masterpieces. It’s fairly simple, too, with only 3 materials required.

 5. Black and White Party

new years eve party themes black n white

 Image Source: Celebrations at Home 

The elegant contrast of black and white creates the perfect backdrop for a New Year’s eve gathering. Celebrations at Home’s blog had us dreaming of a Gatsby-esque soiree, complete with tuxedos and fancy dresses.

6. Chili Cook-off

new years eve party themes chili cook off

 Image Source: Tablespoon

New Year’s Eve is a perfect night for a little friendly competition. Host a chili cook-off for your friends and crown the master chef at midnight. You’ll stay well fed and warm in the process.

 7. Wine Tasting Party

new years eve party themes wine party

 Image Source: Tablespoon

If we had our way, we’d move to Paris and live off of a steady diet of wine, cheese, and  brown-paper baguettes. Or maybe we’ll settle for a wine-tasting party on New Year’s eve.

 It’s easier than you think. Once you’ve planned the wines you want to sample, ask guests to bring a bottle of one of the selected wines. Don’t forget food pairings to complement the complex flavors of the wine. (Mmm…cheese.)

8. A Night at the Movies Party

new years eve movie party themes

 Image Source: Lisa Storms

Usually, the best films come out at the end of the year in preparation for Oscar season. It makes sense, then, to plan a New Year’s eve party theme around movies. Have a movie viewing room, craft movie-themed decorations, and/or have guests cast their vote for best film of the year.

9. Game Night

new years eve party themes game niight

 Image Source: Ciaonewportbeach

New Year’s eve parties can drag on, especially if you’re waiting for your NYE kiss.  A large group game, like Bunko, is a great way to pass the time ‘til your midnight smooch.

 10. Resolution Costume Party

new years eve party themes wine party resolutions

 Image Source: Tablespoon

We love the idea of going to a party dressed up as your New Year’s resolution. Is your resolution to exercise more? Show up to the party in 80s fitness gear a la Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons.  Then, have guests try to guess what each other’s resolutions are based solely on the costumes. Brilliant.

Happy New Year!

Julie Davis

Julie Davis

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