3 Awesome Shirt Designs You Need to Know

3 Awesome Shirt Designers You Need to Know

I love tee shirts. But I hate most tee shirts. Although comfortable and easy to wear, they are generally lacking significantly in design and originality; somehow it seems there are lot of people comfortable paying to become an ad. And not even a good ad.

But alas, there is hope!

A while ago I started paying attention to shirt designers and I am so happy for it. There are 3 in particular that I absolutely love and simply must share with you:




Cute and talented! I like Boots because she can capture a cute moment and visually show it cuter somehow. Don’t believe? Actions speak louder than words:


Coffee Cat

Coffee Cat

So good in so many ways. My two favorite things combined with a word twist. Very intense.


You Make It Go Away

You Make it Go Away

’nuff said. (goes to restroom and cries)


I Made You a Mix Tape

I Made You a Mix Tape

A little disturbed, but definitely delighted –  sad as it is fun.

If you like these as much as I do, experience the joy and power of Boots by heading to:  http://www.bootstees.com/page/home

Remember, they’re “MADE WITH LOVE. AND HATE.”



Fishbiscuit… Fishbiscuit… Fish Biscuit. the name alone is enough to inspire plenty of pleasure; but it pales in comparison to the thrill one gets from her tees. She’s fun because she captures cultural fabric and weaves a witty story out of it.

> Al Bundy, “Let’s rock.”


With Liberty and Bacon for All


Vote cast. Vote cast at birth. Even better that it’s 2012.



WWD shirt

Keep Breaking Bad a part of your life with this grim apparel.


You Like This

Like puppies!

I know you do. I can feel it.

Taste more Fishbiscuit here http://www.fishbiscuitdesigns.onlineshirtstores.com/


 3. Walmazan

This guy is the reason I got into these kinds of shirts. His illustrations are little story gems – I really appreciate his characters and execution.


Veg of the Day


A bountiful catch. How could a human NOT love this chubby bunny?


I’m a Mess

I'm a Mess!

Been there.


The Last Supprrrrrr

The Last Supprrrrrr

omfg. omfg. omfg.

More Walmazan action at his site! http://wenceslaoalmazan.com/

Hope you like this jazz as much as do. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you find a rad tee designers.

John Hansen

John Hansen

John Hansen is a Los Angeles based graphic designer. Loves typography and messy illustration. Digs cats, reading books and cooking. Blue.

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