3 awesome things you can do with extra christmas tree branches

3 Great Ways To Use Your Extra Christmas Tree Branches

Christmas is my favorite holiday. And it’s not just because presents are given and received. I love the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to drag a live fir in to your living room without questioning glances from neighbors.

The smell of a fresh pine and touch of the (soft) needles reminds me of when my family would go to the tree farm and cut down our own.

Regardless of if you cut down your own evergreen or pick one up at a grocery store parking lot, there’s always the struggle of getting it to stand up straight in the tree stand. And in doing so, extra Christmas tree branches from the bottom undeniably need to be cut.

Here’s what you should do with them instead of tossing them out.


christmas tree branches 2

1. Put a Pine Bow on Presents

Curling ribbon bows are a classic staple, but using an evergreen sprig is just as easy and requires arguably less effort.

Once you’ve got your gift, just pick out a wrapping paper, snip off a pine branch to the desired length, and wrap some curling ribbon around the package tying the pine bow down.


put pine branches on presents

If you’re looking to get extra original, pick out a white craft paper and dot it spontaneously with silver star stickers before tying down a branch on top.


christmas tree branches as christmas

You can even sub out curling ribbon for kite string to give gifts that old-school convenience store wrap job vibe.


2. Spruce up the Bathroom

christmas tree branch bathroom arrangement

Bring an air of festivity to your bathroom by creating an arrangement with some of the branches.

To go ultra glam, spray some of them with a gold glitter spray paint and pair with a gold embellished vase or glass.

christmas tree branch bathroom embellishment


3. Go for Graphic Garland

christmas tree branch garland

This modern alternative to traditional garland actually says something and has a little more pep in it’s step. In four easy steps, you too can have a great looking garland.

  1. Lay out some string and arrange your triangle letters and pine branches.
  2. Tie the branches down while still leaving room for the triangles.
  3. Using washi tape adhere the top of the triangles to the string.
  4. Adorn across your door or fireplace to spread good cheer.

christmas tree branch garlands

Note: Here’s our printable template for your decorating pleasure! Make sure to print this out on a heavy duty card stock or glue on to the back of Bristol board to ensure stability.

Click Here To Download Your Free Printable Hope Triangle Garland Banner Template


If you try this craft, or any of our DIY Tutorials at home, send photos to social@oubly.com. We’d love to feature them. Happy crafting!

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