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4 Cute Balloon Decoration Ideas For Your Party

Balloons are one of the most notorious of party symbols. They are fitting for practically any occasion from children’s  birthday parties to adult weddings.

The balloon has become an iconic symbol as its simplicity requires only some helium and curling ribbon. But like everything, there comes a time when a makeover is needed and even beneficial. Here, we’re showing you how to revamp the classic balloon so that your next party will be even more spectacular.


Fun With Beads

balloon decoration ideas use beads

Ditch the curling ribbon in favor of using a wire and bead string. This lends a bit of elegancy to the balloon and can be great for making them appear like they are truly floating.

Just be careful to watch the weight of the beads and wire because putting too many beads too close together can weigh down the balloon.

For Fans Of Ribbon

balloon decoration ideas use curling ribbons

If you’re still a fan of curling ribbon, try giving it a bit of a texture by adding in some other ribbons. We braided a sequin strand and thin sparkle ribbon with the regular gold curling ribbon to give the string an extra sparkle and shine.

Again, be cautious of your ribbon weights as those can bring the balloon down.


Use Balloons As A Canvas

dip dyed balloon decorations

To get a dip-dyed effect, use acrylic paint and start brushing at the bottom tie of the balloon and work your way up. This may require a few coats, and you’ll have to wait for the paint to dry completely before starting another layer.

But, don’t worry about being too precise and even. Part of the appeal is seeing the varying brush strokes.


Seeing Stars

star pattern balloon decorations

With some washi tape and sequin star garland, you can create this look.

Just tear up and cut the washi tape to your desired lengths and criss-cross the pieces to form stars. Add star garland to the tie and fade it out to blend with the rest of the curling ribbon.


We hope that you’ll use these ideas when hosting your next party, or if they inspired you to try a different idea, we’d love to hear about it!


Gallery Of  Balloon Decorations

beaded balloon decorations



cute balloons with ribbons

balloons with ribbons

balloon decoration ideas

cute balloon decorations

tye died balloons


star pattern balloons

party balloons


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