4 tips for a healthy holiday season

4 Tips For A Healthy Holiday Season

It begins the same way each fall. As Thanksgiving approaches, you promise yourself that this holiday season will be different. You’ll stick to your exercise regimen. You’ll ignore that huge bowl of candy on the receptionist’s desk at work. But most importantly… You will not max out your credit cards on Christmas gifts!

As the weeks roll by, though, you find yourself skipping your daily run to stay late at work. To keep your energy up, you dive into that bowl of bite size treats. Of course, you end up spending too much on your family as well.

Well, this year is going to be different. Why? Because you have Oubly.com’s handy-dandy healthy holiday season guide.


Don’t Overcommit Yourself

Even if you decide to ignore the rest of our healthy holiday tips, this single suggestion can truly transform your holiday season from frantic to fulfilling. Stretching yourself too thin is a common occurrence during the holidays.

Your boss wants those fiscal reports before the end of the year. Your mother-in-law asks if you can host Thanksgiving dinner this time. Your kids inform you that they have weekly rehearsals for the holiday show at school.

Of course, you also have to make an appearance at each holiday party that your friends and coworkers host.

When you say yes to every potential commitment that comes your way, you leave little time for yourself. So just say no.


Eat Before You Go Out

eat before going out

If you do decide to put in an appearance at a holiday gathering or two, beware the tables of delicious – and high-calorie – foods that await you.

If you head over after a long day of work, you may find it too irresistible to not try the crab cakes, deviled eggs, and pumpkin chocolate cupcakes. Soon enough, a few bites become a whole plateful of food. So what should you do? Eat before you get to the party.

Whether you’re coming from the office or home, make sure that you’re not starving upon arrival at any holiday shindig. Keep a bag of trail mix at work that you can snack on to ward off insatiable hunger pangs. If at home, eat a bowl of fresh fruit or raw veggies before leaving to cut down on your party food cravings.


Give Away Those Gift Baskets

Speaking of unhealthy snacking… How about those holiday gift baskets, eh?

You might at first push them to the side and think that you’ll never be hungry enough to tear through all that packaging. After a few hours, though, you might find those gourmet crackers and cheese spread too delectable to pass up. So before you get the urge to indulge in your gift baskets, give them away.

If given a gift basket at work, place it in the common room or kitchen so that all of your coworkers can enjoy its bounty. If you get one at home, either give it away to a neighbor or drop it off at your local food bank.


Stick to Your Gift Budget

budget for gifts

Who said that food is the only deterrent to good health during the holidays? High stress can also leave its mark on your well being.

Studies have found that anxiety suppresses the immune system, making you more susceptible to colds during the winter season. And what is a primary cause of stress? Financial problems.

Holiday anxiety and gift shopping go hand in hand this time of year. So before you head out to the mall, take stock of what you can and cannot afford. Make a budget that you can truly stick to no matter how many adorable outfits you come across for your new niece or cool toys you find for your little nephew.

If you don’t have a lot of cash to spend this year, get creative with your holiday gifts. Here are some ideas:

  • Give your boss a platter of your famous chocolate chip cookies.
  • Make a collage of childhood pictures for your siblings.
  • Create Original DIY Wall Art 


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