5 diy wedding reception decorations

5 Money Saving Wedding Reception Decorations

Weddings are beautiful, fun, memorable… and some would say expensive as well. If the ring on your finger is making you scratch your head at how you’re going to afford the wedding of your dreams, we have three little budget-saving letters for you: DIY.

Do-it-yourself wedding decorations can also be beautiful, fun, and memorable. All it takes is a little elbow grease and imagination to make the decorations for which you would otherwise pay hundreds—maybe even thousands—of dollars.

We’ve put together a few sample ideas of how you can create a stunning wedding reception decorations.

Seating Cards

diy wedding reception decorations Image Source: The Bride’s Blog

It may have taken you months to figure out where to seat your overly talkative aunt, but we promise that you will expend far less time creating your DIY seating cards.

Though seating cards serve a very important purpose, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money on them or dozens of hours to create them.

Simply print up on card stock your guests’ names and table numbers, cut them out, and attach them to any item that fits within your wedding scheme. For a whimsical touch, fasten your seating cards to pinwheels or lollipops. If your wedding invokes a retro vibe, you can use old-fashioned door keys. You can even create a two-in-one DIY decoration by attaching the names of your guests and their seating arrangements to their wedding favors.

Seat Covers

diy wedding reception seat covers Image Source: The Fun Times Guide

If you expect a few dozen guests at your wedding reception, the cost of purchasing chair covers can quickly skyrocket. However, you can make your own elegant covers at a fraction of the price.

Once again, all you need to do is make a quick store to your craft or fabric store, choose a shade of tulle that matches your wedding colors, and cut equal lengths of it to secure to the back of each chair. The texture of the tulle will naturally create a beautiful pouf when you tie the ends together.

If tulle isn’t the right fabric for your reception needs, you can choose from among several other materials that will hang beautifully from your chairs. Satin, lace, and organza all make elegant choices. Plus, you can save your hard-earned money for more important matters… Like that honeymoon in Tahiti!

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Wall Décor

diy wedding reception wall decor Image Source: Etsy 

Choosing a minimalist reception venue such as a photography studio can help to cut down on your wedding costs. The only drawback of using such as space is that it often has no decorative elements. While an empty room offers wonderful opportunities to get creative, it can also make brides and grooms wonder exactly how to spruce it up.

Well, we have the answer: paper garland. Purchase paper in any color or print, cut out the shape you like, and attach to string. Done and done. Hang on the wall (be sure to clear with the venue their preferred hanging method!) and you can instantly transform a dull space into an extraordinary reception hall.

You can also create giant festive paper pom poms for under $20!  Check out our easy giant paper pom poms tutorial for step by step instructions.


diy wedding reception centerpieces Image Source: Pictso Pin

Not too keen on spending a few grand on your reception centerpieces? You don’t have to. Many towns and cities have flower markets from which you can pick out the type and color of flower you want for your celebration.

You can also buy simple clear vases from your local craft store. Fill the bottom with colorful stones, marbles, or another decorative element, fill with water, add a few blooms, and your reception tables will be looking pretty for your guests.

If you have any old doilies that have been tucked away for years, we’ve got a great tutorial that will transform your doilies from totally drab to totally fab. Check it out out doily tutorial!

With a little bit of fabric stiffener, doilies can become fabulous centerpieces for your wedding.

Table Runners

diy wedding reception table receptions Image Source: Under Lock and Key 

Renting table linens is often an expense that couples underestimate when budgeting for their reception needs. If you would rather not spend your cash on plain white polyester tablecloths, consider making your own table runners.

Depending on your wedding scheme, you can easily create runners that blend seamlessly with the rest of your reception décor.

Are you planning a romantic affair? Why not buy in bulk lace doilies and arrange them yourself? Or you can head over to your local fabric store, buy a few bolts of your favorite design, and cut out your own runners. Your guests will never notice the difference between your DIY tablecloths and professionally made ones.

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