last minute valentines day gift ideas

5 Cheap And Simple Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Tick, tock, tick, tock… You know what that means, right? The hours are quickly winding down to Valentine’s Day.

If Cupid forgot to send you an email reminder for this most romantic of holidays, you don’t fret just yet. You can still get a sweet and sentimental gift for your Valentine before the clock strikes midnight on February 14. has come up with five wonderfully thoughtful last minute Valentine Day’s gift ideas that you can use to surprise your honey.

So roll up your sleeves and get those creative juices flowing!


1. Personalized Picture Frame

personalized picture frame valentines day gift

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A framed picture is always a fantastic gift idea no matter the season. It can instantly remind a loved one of a past holiday or event and demonstrate to him that you treasure that memory as much as he does. When you add a personal touch to the picture frame, though, it shows that you went the extra mile to put a smile on his face for Valentine’s Day.

Just grab a simple wood frame and your craft materials of choice. You can use paint, glitter, yarn, marbles, and more to showcase your picture with a one-of-a-kind frame.


2. Memories Scrapbook

scrapbook valentines day gift idea

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Do you have a few more hours to spare? If so, there’s no better occasion than Valentine’s Day to create a keepsake scrapbook for your sweetheart.

Pick any theme you want. Perhaps you want to commemorate a fun-filled vacation that you took last summer. Maybe you want to highlight a decade of memorable birthdays together. Whatever you decide, we can guarantee that your Valentine will love it!


3. Handmade Card

how to make valentine's day cards from a deck of cards

Feeling  a little creative? Then why not give your sweetie a handmade card instead? We’ve got a pretty neat DIY Valentine’s Day card tutorial that can be accomplished by just about anyone, regardless of skill level.

All you need is a deck of playing cards…..


4. DIY Gift Certificates

diy valentines day gift certificates

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Does your honey keep your car looking great with regular washes? Does he take out the trash each night and clean the laundry every weekend? You can express your gratitude for all the ways that he makes your life easier by making him DIY gift certificates for this Valentine’s Day.

How many you create is up to you, as well as what you write on them. For instance, if your Valentine loves to golf but rarely gets to do it, give him a gift certificate that he can use to take off from his weekend yard work and get in 18 holes with his friends.

You can also make DIY certificates where he can request his favorite dinner or a weekend off from laundry duty at any time.


5. A Home Cooked Meal

home cooked valentines day dinner

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If dusk is now falling on your Valentine’s Day, never fear. Simply open your refrigerator to find the perfect holiday gift. We’re talking about a delicious meal, of course!

All it takes is a juicy steak or savory fries for your sweetheart to feel loved and appreciated on February 14.

If your honey has a sweet tooth, you could even whip up a batch of cookies. Now that really would be the icing on cake!


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