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5 Cute Valentine’s Day Decorations That Will Warm Your Home

Has Cupid made a visit to your house yet? Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, and I am here to help you get ready for it.

February 14 is more than a day to commemorate romantic love; it’s a date that honors affection in all forms. So no matter if your sweetheart is a spouse, friend, or other significant loved one, you can decorate your home to highlight this holiday that celebrates all forms of love and affection.


Add Candles

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Candles make a great decorative element during the winter months, and when Valentine’s Day comes around, they can add both warmth and feeling to your home.

You can place red votive holders around your house to introduce inviting red tones into your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

At this time of year, you can also find an endless array of heart-shaped candles that highlight this special holiday.

Regardless of the color or design you select, candles make a natural choice for this Valentine’s Day.


Create Floral Arrangements

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Don’t wait for your honey to bring home a bunch of roses! You can begin your Valentine’s Day celebration early with floral bouquets around your home.

Red roses signify romantic love, which makes them a perfect option for your home décor needs, but any flower will do!

Carnations and chrysanthemums also make wonderful bouquet choices. If you love roses but want to mix things up with a shade other than red, try yellow, pink, or white instead.


Hang Wreaths

valentines day wreaths

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You can remember Valentine’s Day no matter which room of the house you happen to be in by putting up a special holiday wreath on each door.

Wreaths make highly festive additions to any home, and best of all, they can become fun DIY crafts as well. You can construct your wreaths from traditional flora such as ferns and roses, or you can use artificial elements such as felt, wicker, twine, foam, ribbon, or even glitter-encrusted hearts to design your one-of-a-kind art piece.


Put Up Wall Art

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Speaking of art, why not try your hand at creating an original decorative piece for your wall or window?

You can design your very own painting or sculpture for Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is select the tools that appeal to you.

Love watercolors, oils, or acrylics? Use them to transform a blank piece of canvas into a painted tribute to St. Valentine.

Love the feeling of wet clay or paper mache between your fingers? Construct a special sculpture for your dining room table or fireplace mantle.

You can also make this type of craft a family affair. Enlist your children to create art pieces that reflect what love means to them. Frame them and then put them up each year on Valentine’s Day.


Decorate with Balloons

valentines day ballons

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Are you working with a tight schedule or budget this Valentine’s Day? If so, just remember that celebrating this special holiday doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate an entire weekend or paycheck to it.

You can show your appreciation for St. Valentine with affordable and easy-to-use balloons. Put them up around your home for your friends and family. You can also tie them to your front porch or back patio for your neighbors and passersby to enjoy.

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