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5 Delightful Kid-Friendly Easter Activities

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Sifting through stocked Easter baskets and hunting down rainbow-hued eggs are yearly traditions for many families, but they are far from the only Easter activities that can put big smiles on the little ones’ faces.

Easter is an all-day holiday, so why not fill it with a few fun crafting and cooking ideas? To keep your kids in the Easter spirit from morning ‘til night, we’ve come up with some entertaining activities that even parents will enjoy!

Best of all, these Easter activities require materials that you might already have in your home. So take out the construction paper, find those candy sprinkles, and get started on making some fantastic Easter creations that the whole family will love!


Easy Bunny Ears

easy bunny ears

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Would your kids rather be the Easter Bunny than eat the sweet treats he leaves behind? Then let them live out their fantasies by creating super cute and extremely easy bunny ears.

All you need are some sheets of multicolored construction paper, glue, and child-friendly scissors.

  • Create a bunny ear base by fitting a piece of construction paper for each child’s head and then gluing the ends together.
  • Cut out your bunny ears.
  • Glue the ears to each base.

You can also let your kids use markers, crayons, or glitter to add some pizzazz to their bunny ears.


Stunning Shell Masterpieces

colorful easter eggs

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Do you usually throw out all those beautifully colored eggs once Easter is over? Well, this is the year when you can finally find a useful solution to all those unwanted eggs. I

f your children love to draw and paint, repurpose your eggshells as a medium for their creative tendencies. To do so, first peel all of your colored eggs and place the shells in a durable plastic bag.

Once you have sealed your bag, crush your shells so that they break down into manageable pieces for little fingers.

After giving the shells some time to dry, let your kids use the pieces to outline flowers, clouds, or any other images they make with their glue bottles and glue sticks.


Festive Finger Puppets

festive finger puppets

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You don’t have to be a knitting master to make your kids some delightful finger puppets. Just raid their sock and glove drawers to find apparel past its prime that you can transform into puppet bunnies, chicks, and lambs.

For really easy-to-make finger puppets, let your children draw on their bunny ears or chick beaks with some markers. If you happen to have some extra fabric or yarn lying around your house, you can glue or sew it onto your sock puppets and showoff their faux fur, feathers, and wool.


Dazzling Dinner Placemats

dinner placemats

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Planning on having a formal Easter dinner with your family and friends? If your children are too young to assist in the cooking duties, let them pitch in by helping you create the perfect holiday dining experience.

Rather than laying out your best dinner platters, enlist your kids to make some one-of-a-kind alternatives. Provide them with construction paper, glue, glitter, markers, and let them churn out those placemat masterpieces!

Once they have put on the finishing touches, you can cover each placement with clear contact paper to make it resistant to water and other damaging elements.


Tasty Pretzel Treats

tasty pretzel

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Are you nervous about letting your kids binge on chocolate eggs, peeps, and jellybeans all day long? If you want your children to indulge in some Easter sweetness without going into full-on sugar shock, have them make their own chocolate-covered pretzels.

Take your pick of milk or white chocolate, melt it in a nonstick pot, and let your little ones dip away! Before the chocolate dries, give your kids some candy sprinkles or beads so that they can dress up their chocolate pretzels before they devour them.


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