5 easy ways to decorate your home for fall

5 Ways to Use Nature To Decorate Your Home This Fall

‘Tis the season, folks! Nope, not that season. Though Santa will soon be making his appearance in less than two months, it isn’t quite time to hang your stockings or put up your tree.

With the conclusion of yet another Halloween, though, it is time to store away that life-sized plastic skeleton and lawn-full of foam tombstones. But how exactly are you supposed to show your autumn excitement between Halloween and Christmas?

By putting on display the natural bounty of the season, of course! Just take a look at your own backyard to find your inspiration. Oübly.com has rounded up some simple yet elegant options to decorate your home with the best of Mother Nature.


1. Litter Your Entryway with Leaves

decorate your home with leaves Photo Credit: Nico Potgieter

You just spent the entire afternoon raking leaves. Now what to do with them? Rather than stuffing them into bags only to be thrown away, use your leaves as adornments for the exterior of your home.

Make a garland of red, orange, and yellow leaves and hang it on your front porch railing. Collect them into oversized hurricanes and place them on either side of your front door.

You can even glue them onto a circular wooden frame and hang them on your door for a quick, easy, yet gorgeous natural wreath.


2. Put Pinecones Around Your Fireplace

As you were cleaning up your yard, you might have come across one, two, or twenty pinecones.

These ubiquitous reminders of fall arrive in abundance once the temperatures drop. If you don’t have any pine trees in your immediate neighborhood, simply go to your nearest park for a bagful of these striking cones.

Then hang them from your fireplace, or if you’re really short on time, strategically place them around your picture frames, candles, and other knickknacks.

decorate your home with pinecones
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3. Spruce Up Your Candleholders with Nuts

Many people enjoy fall for the delectable nuts that come into season during it. While snacking on almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and chestnuts is indeed a delicious way to spend an autumn afternoon, you can also use these tasty treats as decorations for your home.

No matter how big or small your glass candleholders, odds are they can accommodate a few sprinklings of hazelnuts or chestnuts around their bases.

decorate your candle holders with nuts Photo Credit: Andrew Malone

You can also use nuts to fill a forgotten platter that’s been hidden in your cabinets all year. With a mix of chestnuts, walnuts, and almonds, it can suddenly become an attractive table centerpiece.


4. Deck Out Your Front Door with Gourds

Though Halloween is done for another year, gourds are one decoration that easily transitions from a scary ornament to a welcoming one.

You might still need to throw out that jack-o’-lantern, as carved pumpkins tend to mold after just a few days, but now is the perfect time to pick up some more gourds from your local grocery store or pumpkin patch.

decorate your home with gourds
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Pool and Patio

You needn’t do anything more than place them on your front porch or steps to immediately transform your home for fall.


5. Use Flint Corn as Tabletop Adornments

decorate your home with flint corn Photo Credit: Larry 

Looking for a fast way to create a stunning centerpiece that your friends and family will love? Then pick up a few pieces of Flint corn and carefully arrange them on your dining room table.

Flint corn, which some people also refer to as Indian corn, comes in a rainbow of colors. It can look beautiful virtually anywhere, including on your tables, walls, or doors.

All it takes is a single nail to hold up Flint corn by its cornhusk, and voila! You now have a picturesque autumn abode.


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