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5 Franchise Marketing Tips that Boost Branding and Enhance Sales

Running a successful franchise across numerous locations scattered around the country is a task that requires meticulous planning and implementation, as well as continuous communication and collaborations between the franchisor and the franchisee.

After all, this is an expansive business structure that could come tumbling down if you and your franchisees are not working together to ensure brand consistency every step of the way.

Fail to do this, and your sales rates will plummet over the long term. This begs the need to create a comprehensive marketing approach that will boost the branding of local outlets, as well as enhance the mother brand while improving sales across the board. Here are the five tips to help you do just that.

Optimize Your Brand Identity

optimize your brand

Branding a franchise is a unique process that uses effective branding methods and applies them the main brand as well as every individual outlet. Albeit with certain alterations.

These location-based changes won’t shift the focus from your true brand identity or jeopardize brand consistency across channels, but will rather aim to optimize every outlet’s approach to their local marketplace. In turn, this will allow the franchisee to connect with the community and respond to their unique needs.

So how do you go about this delicate task? Here’s a short but effective checklist you can follow:

  • Establish a unique value proposition for your entire brand. Shopping is an emotional process, so make sure your product stands out in value instead of price or quality.
  • Define your values and key drivers. A brand should stand for something.
  • These values should be fine-tuned to speak in the language of the local demographic.
  • Aside from semantics, your brand should boast a unique tone of voice that will be consistent across your entire franchise structure.
  • The visual identity of the brand should be equally consistent, although you should allow your franchisors to express themselves with distinctive imagery.
  • Weave all of these elements into your content strategy.

SEO and Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important elements of a digital marketing strategy, as so much of your franchise’s potential rests in your ability to wow the search engines and impress your audience with stellar content.

Needless to say, this is your golden opportunity to use content marketing to rank every outlet higher in the SERPs and help it connect with the local community.

That means that every franchisee should have their own content marketing plan. Duplicating content from your main website to all franchisee pages is something like pushing yourself off a cliff, as not only will Google penalize your entire franchise, but your brand will become just another corporate entity in the eyes of the consumers. Instead, define a content strategy with location-specific SEO in mind for every franchisee, and have them execute it on their websites and social media accounts.

Build A Strong Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

The modern business world thrives on social media. This is an ecosystem so vast and diverse that it opens up numerous doors for franchisors and franchisees looking to expand their brand’s reach, engage with their audience, promote their products and services, boost their other marketing tactics, and so much more. As a franchise, though, you have a unique opportunity here that you shouldn’t miss.

Social media might be a global phenomenon, but the audiences using popular platforms are pretty much focused on their local world, their neighborhood, and the local happenings. This is why all of the top franchises in the world focus on location-based social media management in combination with managing the franchisor brand on relevant platforms. Why?

  • Having a franchisor SM strategy is good for overall brand visibility.
  • Having location-specific franchisee accounts is excellent for cross-country brand expansion.
  • This also increases the trustworthiness of the brand and portrays a positive image of a local business that cares for the community.
  • It opens numerous opportunities for micro-influencer marketing in the local area.
  • And most importantly, it builds an independent marketing approach the franchisee can use to grow the business in the most optimal way.

Reap the Benefits of Reviews and Testimonials

The age of faceless corporations is long gone, nowadays the customer wants to see a friendly face and hear an inspiring story in order to choose a brand. While this does mean that you need to work extra hard to build a positive company culture and a compelling brand identity, the rewards will be well worth the effort. Namely, you will have gained a lifelong customer.

To help you boost the credibility of the franchise and the individual outlet, one of your priorities should be to gather positive reviews and testimonials. There’s nothing quite like word-of-mouth marketing in the modern marketplace, so make sure to earn your reviews with stellar service across the board and display them proudly across the franchise.

Don’t Forget About Paid Advertising

Unlike content marketing and SEO, paid advertising is more of a short-term, immediate gain strategy, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t advertise your franchise at all.

Quite the contrary, a well-placed and optimized ad can help your franchisees boost their visibility in the online world and catch up with the rest of the franchise in terms of sales and recognition. Be sure to optimize these ads per location for maximum effect.

In Conclusion

Franchises are unique business models that require strong leadership and a sound structure built on communication and cooperation in order to thrive. That said, a franchise is also in a unique, very powerful position to dominate the online world, provided that you implement a comprehensive marketing strategy. Use these tips to boost your brand and enhance sales in the long term.

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