5 delicious halloween treats

5 Frighteningly Delicious Halloween Treats for Your Next Shindig

Throwing a successful Halloween bash demands more than a few strategically placed jack-o’-lanterns and appropriately eerie music. To make your guests squeal with delight, you need to offer them a wide range of tasty yet terrifying dishes.

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of time to make scream-worthy delicious Halloween treats. Oübly.com has already done the work to find the following recipes, which are simple to make and easy on your party budget.


1. Delectable Cup Cake Horrors

What could be scarier than serving up a bowl full of eyeballs to your guests? Thankfully, when you substitute frosting for the real thing, you can make sure that your invitees enjoy their chilling treats.

You can bake these cup cake horrors ahead of time, and take them out once your guests are ready for something sweet. Drizzle each cup cake with raspberry or strawberry sauce, and you instantly have bloodshot eyes.

blood shoot halloween cupcakes

Adorn them with blue, green, or brown M&Ms, or any  circular candy or fruit and your guests will be greeted by giant ghastly eyes staring at them in their bowls.


2. Sinister Jell-O Snacks

Jell-O easily lends itself to the horror of Halloween. Its unnatural colors and wiggly movements work great for this most frightening of holidays. Because Jell-O is also transparent, you can add a number of macabre ingredients to make your snacks as grisly as you like.

halloween jello treats

All you need to do is make a quick trip to your local grocery for both your Jell-O mix and additional components. Drop a few gummy bugs, spiders, worms, or even eyes into your Jell-O prior to putting it in the refrigerator, and you’ll have some super scary snacks for your party visitors in just a few hours.


3. Ghoulishly Good Lollipops

spooky popsicles

Do you have a bag of marshmallows at home? Then you’re halfway to having wickedly good lollipops for your Halloween party. Place a marshmallow on one end of a lollipop stick and use it as a blank canvas to create any number of scary-looking creatures.

A set of candy eyes can magically turn your marshmallow into a tiny ghost. Add some chocolate frosting on top for a mini Frankenstein monster lollipop. You can also drip wetted marshmallows into orange, green, or purple sugar crystals for Halloween-themed treats.


4. Chillingly Healthy Delicacies

You don’t have to serve your guests only sweet treats to make your Halloween soiree a fantastical event. You can create plenty of healthy alternatives that are low in calories but high on taste and spectacle.

Use cookie cutters shaped as ghosts or witches and press out images from pieces of hard cheese. Top open-faced sandwiches with these slices to make authentically frightening yet flavorsome meals.

You can also use vegetable slices to create delicious and nutritious skeletons. When paired with some ranch or dill dipping sauces, your veggie creations will have your guests gasping with glee.

vegetable halloween skeelton


5. Supernatural Brews

smoking halloween brew

What Halloween gathering would be complete without a little witch’s brew? You can easily create the mysterious fog that often accompanies this Halloween-style punch with a bit of water and dry ice.

First, make sure that you have two waterproof containers. The larger container will hold the water and dry ice, and the smaller container can hold the punch. Next, drop a few pieces of dry ice into the larger container with some hot water. This action will begin the fog effect. Then place the smaller container inside the other one.

Keep in mind that any handling of the dry ice should be done only with tongs or other kitchen utensils, as direct skin contact can result in skin damage. You can also top off any party beverages with some whip cream and candy eyes to make a ghostly potion for your guests.


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