5 Fun Ways to Swing into Spring

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It’s official! Spring is finally here! Sure, the snow in some areas of the country might make you think otherwise, but we promise it’s true.

On March 20, Old Man Winter said goodbye for yet another year. Now is the perfect time to make way for Lady Spring! This season is a favorite of millions of people, as it typically heralds warmer weather, blossoming flora, and lots of baby fauna!

If you’re finding it difficult to shake off the winter doldrums, Oubly.com has no less than five easy and enjoyable ways to swing into spring! These springtime activities are sure to get you stoked for a new season full of fun!


Take in a Baseball Game

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They say that baseball is the summertime pastime, but we beg to differ! After all, spring training is already in full swing, and season openers across the nation will commence in just a few weeks.

So take your family out to the ballgame for some peanuts and Cracker Jack and cheer on your favorite team!


Pick Out a New Plant

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Spring is the season of growth and rebirth, which perennial plants perfectly exemplify. Even if the ground outside is still too frozen to begin a garden, you can commemorate spring with a brand new plant!

Do you love using herbs in your meals? Then pick up a basil or rosemary plant.

Are you more of a flower gal? Then purchase some tulips or daffodils.

You can even buy a few ferns if you’re looking for a simple addition to your home.


Explore the Great Outdoors

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We get it. How can you celebrate spring when your yard is still hidden with snow? As counter-intuitive as it may sound, journeying outdoors is the perfect way to usher in a new season.

Find your nearest park, forest, or preserve, and look for signs of spring—we promise they’re there! You can find it in the warmer temperatures, the budding tree branches, or even the longer days of sunshine. Even in its more subtle forms, spring has arrived.


Redo a Room

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Spring isn’t only about changes on the outside. You can use this season as inspiration to revamp your indoor scenery as well.

A complete overhaul of your home is not necessary; just pick one room that you would like to refresh and make it your new spring project!

Maybe that guest bedroom could use a fresh coat of paint, or that corner office could benefit from a new desk and chair. A change of environment will not only reinvigorate your home, but also rejuvenate your spirit!


Lighten Your Load

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It’s too early to break out the beachwear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for warmer days ahead!

If t-shirts and shorts are not an option just yet, try mixing in a few spring pieces like light knit tops and blouses with some of your heavier attire. A brand new dress or button-down in a fantastic spring color like orchid or mint will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face as we head to longer days and warmer nights.
Spring is a wonderful season to celebrate the loved ones in your life. Whether you would like to host a gathering for a spring holiday like Easter, or you simply want to enjoy a garden party with your best friends and family, Oubly.com has the party invitations you need for a fun and festive time.

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