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5 Outdoor Wedding Tips for Keeping Guests Warm

The natural splendor of autumn can provide an idyllic backdrop for your fall nuptials. As beautiful as the scenery may be, however, it often comes with a distinct chill in the air.

While a crisp autumn breeze can prove refreshing on occasion, it can turn otherwise enjoyable wedding festivities into chilly celebrations.

To ensure that your guests focus on you and not their goose bumps during your ceremony and reception, Oübly.com has come up with 5 outdoor wedding tips for keeping your friends and family members cozy and warm all evening long.


1. Crank Up the Heat Lamps

Even on a bright fall day, temperatures can drop well below comfortable levels. To combat cool breezes, set up heat lamps for your guests.

You can arrange your lamps at the beginning or end of each row. Keep them fired up for receptions held outside.

Many models come with wheels as well for easy maneuverability if your wedding guests change locations throughout your festivities.


2. Hand Out Blankets

wedding tip # 2 hand out blankets

Unfortunately, you can’t necessarily guarantee that each wedding guest will get close enough to a heat lamp to enjoy its warmth.

Offer your friends and family blankets during your outdoor wedding ceremony. The blankets you provide can blend right into your nuptial theme. For instance, if you plan to have a truly rustic wedding, hand out plaid or checkered blankets that clearly evoke the look you want.

If you intend to throw a wedding that has high sentimental value, you might offer blankets that were passed down from other family members or ones collected throughout your childhood. (Just make sure that your guests don’t go home with your blanket treasures!)


3. Set Up a Tent

If poor weather conditions are a distinct possibility on your wedding day, rent a tent.

Though it may somewhat restrict your guests from enjoying that scenic background you love so much, you’re better off having a tent that keeps your loved ones warm and dry rather than taking a chance on Mother Nature.

Tents coupled with heat lamps can further ensure that your friends and family stay toasty warm throughout the ceremony and reception.


4. Offer Hot Cider and Cocoa

wedding tip # 4 hand out hot cider and coacoa

Why wait until the ceremony is over to provide your guests with some signature cocktails?

Sitting through a ceremony with a piping hot mug of cider or cocoa is sure to put your guests in a wonderful mood for your wedding.

Depending on the preferences of your friends and family, you might even consider handing out alternatives such as hot tea, coffee, or buttered rum!


5. Ignite the Bonfire

Weddings are a time for connection and community with your loved ones. When the ceremony is over, you can encourage your guests to gather together with a large roaring bonfire.

This addition to your reception festivities is sure to make your friends and family warm and content no matter how low the temperature drops.

Keep the blankets out and hot drinks available for added comfort. Oh, and don’t forget one of the best pleasures of fall – s’mores! Take full advantage of your bonfire and hand out graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows for an evening filled with delicious treats and delightful company.


Anna Keizer

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