5 small lifestyle chnages

5 Small Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Healthier

Telling yourself that you’ll work out five times a week when you can barely fit in one session may not be the best strategy for success. A lifestyle change may work for some people, but given how hard habits are to change, slowing tweaking your daily behavior may provide for better results down the road.

As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.” In this race, though, you’re the only participant. We’ve compiled a few easy lifestyle changes that you can increase your physical and mental wellbeing for a healthier and happier you!


1. Move Your Body

Don’t feel confident that you can find 150 minutes each week to exercise? How about 10 minutes for a quick bike ride or jog?

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by your exercise regimen, which can lead to a fast burnout, work up to your ideal physical fitness routine.

If your schedule is already packed with work and family, get creative with your workout ideas. Ask your work associate to have that meeting while walking around your building.

Switch out your nightly ritual of watching television with your family for a stroll around the neighborhood.


2. Drink Water

drink water
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Your ongoing fatigue may have nothing to do with your sleeping patterns or heavy work schedule. It may be only the result of drinking too little water.

Every cell in the body needs hydration for optimal function. Without enough water, the body can quickly tire, leaving you chronically sleepy. Water also helps your body to better utilize energy, which means a higher metabolism and leaner mass.

Proper hydration also combats a tired or aged appearance, so fill that glass with some H20 pronto!

If your not a fan of water you can always drink tea and work your way up to drinking water. To find a tea that suits your needs you can do some additional reading .


3. Think Fresh and Raw

Aside from water, your body craves vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All of these nutrients keep your organs running properly and toxic substances out of your body.

Unfortunately, that bowl of potato chips or bag of cookies won’t give you the recommended amount of minerals and vitamins that are so important to your health.

The next time you need something sweet, reach for an apple, plum, or peach. If your taste buds are craving a savory treat, eat some carrot or celery sticks with a low-fat dip. Your body will thank you for it.


4. Turn Off Your Phone

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Technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with others no matter the time of day, which isn’t always a good thing. This kind of accessibility has translated into people being chronically distracted.

For instance, when was the last time you had lunch or dinner with a friend without checking your phone?

In some cases, having a phone by your side at all times can be downright dangerous.

As the usage of cell phones has increased, so too has the number of distracted driving accidents. So when you’re with loved ones or behind the wheel, put your phone away.


5. See Your Friends

After a long week of work, you might want to go into hermit mode for the weekend. In some circumstances, a few days of rest and relaxation can be just what the doctor ordered.

However, you might want to schedule in a coffee date with a friend anyway. Studies indicate that people with active social ties are healthier than those who have few friends or social outlets.

The fact that laughing, hugging, and venting are often part of these gatherings may explain why. Each activity alleviates stress and promotes better mental wellbeing.

So the next time your girlfriend wants to grab a bite to eat or catch a movie, tell her “yes!”

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