sweet st. patrick day treats

5 Sweet St. Patricks Day Treats

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In less than a week, a wave of green will be washing over the red, white, and blue. That’s right, folks. We’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day! The day when the luck of the Irish is yours to enjoy!

So even if your roots fall thousands of miles away from the Emerald Isle, you can still celebrate this holiday with some delectable sweets that are sure to entice friends, family, and leprechauns alike.

Best of all, each of these desserts are easy to make! Erin go bragh!


Speckled Rice Crispy Treats

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There make not be a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow for your party guests, but you can console them with some yummy rice crispy treats instead!

Rice crispy treats make the ideal St. Patrick’s Day party snack. Just whip together some softened butter, melted marshmallows, and cereal, and you’re well on your way to having some finger-licking sweets.

When you add M&Ms to your batch, though, you can instantly transform your rice crispy treats from ordinary to extraordinary.


Shamrock Cupcakes

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Want to make your go-to cupcake recipe St. Patrick’s Day friendly? All it takes is some green food coloring to make over your favorite treats.

Make the cupcake base any flavor you want: vanilla, chocolate, or even mint. Then whip together some frosting with a little cream cheese, powdered sugar, and butter. Add some of food coloring to your topping and voila!

You have shamrock cupcakes ready to be eaten and enjoyed.


Band of Color Cake

band of color cake

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Perhaps you’re looking to make a more elaborate St. Patrick’s Day dessert for your family and friends. Then why not bake yourself a rainbow cake?

The same rules apply as for your shamrock cupcakes. For each layer of your cake, all you need is a coordinating food coloring dye. How you choose to design your cake is entirely up to you.

Maybe you’re keen on making green the color focal point of your festivities. If so, you can gradually adjust the hue of each cake layer by mixing different food coloring combinations. If you want to show off a spectrum of color, let each layer represent one of the seven shades of the rainbow.


Emerald Cookies

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How would anyone ever get through St. Patrick’s Day without an extensive stock of handy dandy food coloring? This bit of baking magic can turn ordinary chocolate chip cookies into deliciously green sweet treats!

To make sure that your coloring can spread evenly through your cookie dough, this is one dessert that you will have to make from scratch. Pre-made dough can be just as tasty, but you’re bound to have a streaky result. But with a little flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, butter, vanilla extract, chocolate chips—and that green coloring, of course!—you can quickly churn out a batch of wonderfully bright and ready-to-eat party treats.


Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

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Okay, we know that not everyone can eat cookies, cupcakes, and cake without suffering from an extreme sugar crash at your party. The solution: rainbow fruit kabobs.

Buy a bag of wooden skewers and a bounty of your favorite fruit. Cut them up into bite-sized pieces and fasten them one at a time to each skewer.

The choices are endless, but strawberries, cherries, raspberries, oranges, tangerines, bananas, pineapple, honeydew, grapes, and blueberries all make excellent and appetizing options!


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