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It’s a Girl! 7 Adorable Baby Shower Ideas for Your Little Duckling

Think duckies are only for the tub? Think again. If you’re lost among a sea of baby shower ideas for your little one, why not enjoy some duckling revelry? Especially for expecting mothers who want to forego the pink and purple that often signal a girl-themed shower, a ducky affair might just be the right kind of celebration for you. To get this party started, Oubly has waded through multiple baby shower ideas and come up with seven great ways to make your duckling shower the fun and memorable bash you deserve.

Door Signage

duck sign baby shower ideas

Door Signage via Pocket Full of Prose

Let your guests know where the fun is before they even open the door! You can create a simple yet sweet DIY door sign with a few easy-to-use craft items. Just gather some construction paper, cut out your welcome signage, glue them together, add an elegant ribbon and voila! You’re on your way to having an adorably plucky ducky affair.

Table Centerpieces

baby duck table centerpieces baby shower ideas

Table Centerpieces via Hostess with the Mostess

Tired of the same old floral centerpieces you see at every shower? With our fun and unique baby shower ideas, you can make your party stand out from the pack. For a truly original centerpiece, drop a rubber ducky into a fish bowl or other rounded piece of glass. To make your duckies float, then add a few plain white ornaments or white marshmallows.

3D Cookies

baby duck cookies baby shower ideas

3D Cookies via The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

To get your guests quacking with glee, offer them 3D cookies at your ducky baby shower. Sure, it might take a little elbow grease to make these beautiful—and edible—works of art, but we can guarantee that your guests will never forget your one-of-a-kind sweet treats.

Ducky Drinks

ducky drinks baby shower ideas

Ducky Drinks via Kara’s Party Ideas

To properly enjoy their cookies, your guests need some refreshing ice-cold milk, right? Or perhaps a thirst-quenching glass of lemonade? No matter what kind of beverages you decide to provide for your guests, don’t forget to add that special ducky touch to them. Simply drop a mini ducky in each drink and watch your guests’ faces light up with delight as they grab their refreshments.

Ducky Cupcakes

baby duck baby shower ideas

Ducky Cupcakes via Kitchen Koala

Everyone loves cupcakes, right? Well, when you have ducky-decorated cupcakes, you definitely won’t be able to keep them on your serving table for very long. One little tip to keep in mind, though—add those darling duckies to your sweet treats after they finish baking in the oven. To give your duckies a place to rest—that is, until your guests devour them—just pipe white frosting onto your cupcakes into the shape of small bubbles.

Duck Pond Game

duck pond game baby shower ideas

Duck Pond Game via Ish & Chi

Baby showers are about food and fun. We have the food part taken care of, so now it’s time to move onto the festivities. The duck pond game has been a part of state fairs, carnivals and other social gatherings for decades. Now you too can use this beloved game for your very own baby shower. First, you have to inflate a small wading pool in your backyard. Next, fill it with water. Then get out your permanent markers and add a number or shape to the bottom of each rubber ducky. Once they all marked and “swimming” in the pool, have each of your guests pick one at random. The number or shape at the bottom of their ducky indicates then special prize that they have won. Best of all, no one who plays this game loses!

Bath Bubbles Party Favors

duck bath bubble party favor baby shower ideas

Bath bubbles party favors via A Little Polkadot

What’s the perfect way to send off your guests once your ducky baby shower is over? Why with their very own set of bubbles, of course! Before you do, though, you’ll need to purchase either a case of bath bubbles or blowing bubbles and have them each specially wrapped with tags or stickers for your party. Then as each of your guests says her goodbyes, hand her a bottle of bubbles to enjoy in the weeks to come. We guarantee that no one will be waiting very long to enjoy her favorite new party favor

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