creative save the date invitation ideas

7 Creative Save the Date Invitations Ideas

Invitations to events nowadays can be passed on through social media, thanks to the advent of the new age of technology. However, it is still better to create a more formal type of invitation to announce the date to friends. Save the date cards are a great way to show off your personality and style, while encouraging guests to mark their calendars and be present on your special day.

In this article, we will list down our seven favorite creative save the date invitation ideas.

1. Instagram-inspired Postcard

instagram inspired postcard

If you and your wife or husband-to-be have travelled to beautiful places together, choose one epic photo where you have the most fond memories. Capture this Instagram-worthy photo and add on your favorite quotation or your names and the important date as an overlay to the invitation card. To add a more dramatic effect, choose your favorite Instagram filter.

2. Stamp With Country’s Landmark

creative save the date invitation idea stamp

Some couples plan to reside to another country or a new place far from their hometown. In this case, it will be great to design an invitation card with mixes arrows, feathers and custom name stamps and set any famous landmark of the country or place you will call as your home as the background.

3. Hand-drawn Sketch 

creative save the date invitation idea hand drawn

There are many tools now available that cartoonizes a couple’s photograph. Another unique save the invitation design is a hand-drawn sketch to add a personal touch. Keep the text to a minimum to give much more focus to the creative illustration.

4. Cute Engagement Photo

cute engagement photo creative save the date invitation idea

Prenuptial pictures are getting rampant nowadays, as more couples get excited to make preparation steps before the big day. These prenuptial photos are shown often as an audio-visual presentation during the wedding reception, but they can be also used as a photo in the invitation card. Ask your wedding photographer to insert a blank space on your chosen engagement photo where you can place the wedding details.

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5. Fairy Tale

fairytale creative save the date invitation idea

 Fairy tales are always a hit when it comes to telling love stories of couples. Having a fairy tale-inspired invitation card will touch the hearts of guests. You can have your favorite prince and princess pair and set an overlay of the date, time, and venue of the wedding and the grand ball. Adding glitters, lace, ribbons, and cute stickers will bring in that extra glamor and fun to the card.

 6. Library Card

library card creative save the date invitation idea

Library card design as the invitation card will look exquisite for bookworms, book enthusiasts, and those who frequent the library. Take the design of your most used library card and fill in the lines with the details of your event as a couple.

 7. Movie Poster

movie poster creative save the date invitation idea

The invitation card is just like a movie teaser where you formally reveal the location, setting, and other details of the wedding. Having a movie poster design for the save the date card will thrill guests to see “the next screen” and remember to make themselves available to participate and witness the momentous occasion.

If you are months away from the wedding, now is the perfect time to decide and gather designs on your save the date invitation. Hopefully you find these seven unique ideas inspiring. Congratulations on your wedding and good luck!

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