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8 Outstanding Furnishing Ideas for Small Apartments

Are you living in a small apartment? In fact, the number of apartment dwellers has increased significantly in past few decades. Whether it’s a formal studio apartment or any other odd-shaped living space that you might have to bear with for living presently, decorating them good enough is not an easy job. They require lots of planning, subtlety and more importantly, patience and willingness to get the best out of what you have at your disposal.

If you believe that there is always the other way round of doing things, you eventually get them done the way you want. This is especially helpful when it comes to furnishing small apartments, just like these 51 cool ways of saving space in small places brought to you by HomeArena.

Even though, you won’t find any magic formulas to decorate a small sized apartment, room or home,  we have gathered seven furnishing ideas for small apartments that can make all the difference in creating the best mix of practicality and design element in your small place.

1. Repaint Your Apartment


Painting your apartment is an effect way to transform the look and feel of a space. Most projects can be completed over a weekend. You can do this on your own or you can have host a painting party and turn it into a social event.

If your not sure what paints you need, finish, or how expensive the project will be Contractor Culture offers a guide that is a fantastic read.

2. Customizing Thoughtfully to Maximize the Storage Space

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You know what makes living in small apartments more challenging than their small size? The clutter you end up having around there! Why? Because you are always falling short of storage space to store your belongings appropriately.

So, the very first step in making the most of your small living place is to give a serious thought to maximizing the storage space available to you.

The more innovative and pragmatic you are, the better you will be able to manage all this. Any vertical space, over-the-door space or under-the-bed space can be used craftily to create more storage space.  


3. Keeping Your Furnishing Proportionate

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Many of us perceive furnishing proportionately in smaller places as resorting to extra-small sized furniture, which is not quite right.

You have to thoughtful in deciding when to choose which size. For example, a big sectional stretching from one end of the wall to the other in a small apartment might appear more appropriate than a small love seat. This is because small furniture items might accentuate the small size of the room, whereas a big sofa could imply spaciousness of the place.


4. Excess of Everything is Really Bad

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When space is at premium, it’s better to subdue your collecting urges and stay away from buying a ton of anything, whether it’s pans and pots or furniture and art. Instead, you can redirect your ambitions to quality rather than quantity, which will result in you having more space as well as more class.


5. Explore the Wonders of Canvas Prints

oubly canvas prints


When it comes to decorating tiny apartments, there’s one super easy and super amazing trick that can add unprecedented spaciousness and openness into your tiny apartment, canvas prints. With large images of forests, beaches, mountain peaks and other landscapes, illusion of space is created in a small living space effortlessly and in the most adorable manner.

Keep in mind there are as many ways of decorating a place (whether small or large) as you can think of. What works wonders in one place might totally ruin the other. Keeping these general guidelines in mind, you can make decorating and furnishing your place as personalised as you want, because it’s more about you than anything else.  


6. Don’t Break It If You Want to Make It

oubly you break it you bought it


In small apartments, one of the wisest things is to avoid is breaking up the layout. Be extra careful in wall paint strategies, using room dividers or even rugs to lineate the space. Without even noticing, you might be breaking the visual continuity of your space into much smaller areas, making the whole ambiance appear compartmentalised and cluttered. On the contrary, work for continuity, unbroken wall and floor surfaces will help your space loosen up visually.


7. Make Use of Negative Space

oubly decorating negative space

In small spaces, loading your eyes with lots of belongings wouldn’t work to your benefit; it will work otherwise. Give your eyes a break and don’t put them through scanning countless items in a small place. Get out of the notion that making the most of a small space means filling out every inch of it with something; neither is every wall to have a few art pieces, nor every sofa to be complemented with a coffee table.


8. Don’t Hold, Go Bold

oubly you break it you bought it


Yes, we know your head is full of conventional wisdom on not going for dark hues in small places, and we are not here to convince you otherwise. But this surely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jazz up your little apartment big time.

Color adds life and fun, both of which are essential ingredients of a happy living. So, don’t hold back on adding a pinch of bright colours here and there. Living in a small place doesn’t have to be all coloress and dull.  


Alisa Helly

Alisa Helly

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