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7 Ways to Create the Cutest Floral Ladybug Themed Baby Shower

The best way to have a super cute yet sophisticated baby shower is to have one inspired by ladybugs and flowers. Both elements basically reduce down to circular shapes, so just use that as your guide.

Serve up cupcakes on floral printed plates and don’t forget to have some big balloons amidst flower and ladybug honeycomb arrangements.

Floating fresh cut flower heads in a pale of water can serve as a center piece or guide guests to the front door.

Freezing berries serves as a garnish for both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks alike.

The possibilities are endless when you start uniting circular items, so just try and keep your colors to a complimentary palette.

Check out Oubly’s baby shower inspiration board to see how you can get this chic, polka-dot combination of ladybugs and floral to have your own fantastically themed baby shower.

floral ladybug baby shower inspiration board

  1. Cupcakes with circular sprinkles are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
    Source: 100 Layer Cakelet
  2. The flowers in this pattern are set up like polka dots making them the perfect plates to use.
    Source: Simply Stated
  3. Wrap a few fresh cut flowers up in a honeycomb and suspend for a beautiful arrangement.
    Source: Studio DIY
  4. Floating flowers and candles drives home the circular theme in an inconspicuous yet charming way.
    Source: Your Cozy Home
  5. Don’t forget about inflating some big circular balloons!
    Source: The Sweetest Occasion
  6. Half honeycombs with black polka dots make adorable lady bugs.
    Source: Storify
  7. Frozen fruit garnishes look and taste delectable.
    Source: Visual Photos

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