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5 Stylish Ways to Arrive at Your Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

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A memorable wedding day has always relied on lots of decisions – big and small – from the choice of venue to the all-important first dance. More recently, couples have started to be more creative about how to arrive at their wedding. But helicopters and super yachts can put a real dent in most budgets – so here are some pointers on arriving in style, without breaking the bank…

Walk the Walk

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Some transport providers will tell you that material luxury is the only way to arrive at a wedding, but there’s something very friendly and relaxed about coming on foot. It’s especially common in France, and even if you can’t count on French weather, some classy umbrellas and a sense of humor will go a long way…!

Start Early, and Relax

If you’ve got close friends and family with you on your wedding morning, make the most of them. Choose a small and friendly chauffeur service, and ask them to prepare the car with old photo albums, for you all to enjoy en route. After all, some quality time with your nearest and dearest is probably the best way to relax.

A Special Doorway

special wedding dorrway

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When it comes to arriving at the reception, it can be a nice touch if the bride and groom have their own special ‘entryway’.

Again, this doesn’t need to be lavish – a tasteful arch, some lanterns, or even just a decorated fencepost can set it apart. This can then be a great backdrop for photos, later in the day.

Capture it From Both Sides

capture it from both sides

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Right now, you’re probably concentrating on the day itself. But how you record the wedding experience – photos, videos, visitor books, etc. – is hugely important, too.

Of course, people will be taking photos when you arrive at the wedding, but it’s also a great idea to have someone with you, capturing moments from your point of view.

Those minutes of excitement before you get to the venue can be really special, and well worth preserving.

Choose Your Own Driver

Chauffer’s might be first on some people’s list for a special day. For all our Los Angeles readers, we recommend LA Party Bus.

Others like to go for a friendlier and more intimate atmosphere. Why not consider having an old friend drive the car? Y

ou can still choose a special vehicle, and this can be a lovely way to include people who aren’t best men or bridesmaids.


Lucy Webster

Lucy Webster

Lucy is a writer who likes nothing more than sharing her creative ideas about special celebrations. She also writes for a UK Chauffeur company called Cornelia Cars.

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