DIY wine bottle centerpieces

9 Incredible DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces for Your Wedding

She said yes, the wedding announcements were sent, and congratulations ensued. With that, I’m sure there’s been more than just one bottle of wine opened. Instead of tossing those empties to the curb, use them to create wine bottle centerpieces for your wedding. Recycling the good cheer is sure to make the big day that […]

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Oubly DIY kitten pumpkin

How to Make the Cutest Kitten Pumpkin

Halloween doesn’t feel quite right without making a jack-o-lantern. The age-old tradition of rolling up your sleeves to slice through the fruit and pull out the gooey seeds to carve a design is a fun activity that everyone regardless of age can enjoy. And to prove what a purrfect activity it is, we’re here to […]

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Oubly cocktail recipes

5 Popular Cocktail Recipes for Your Labor Day BBQ

You’ve been working hard all year, and now it’s time to take a break. With the long Labor Day weekend coming up, laughs, lawn games, and libations are sure to ensue amongst friends and family. As such, I encourage you to make your last task shaking up a refreshing summer cocktail. Stop taking the boring […]

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Oubly girls day our=t ideas

10 Perfect Ideas for a Girls Day Out

There’s something about warmer months that makes me feel nostalgic for summer break. Remember that feeling of being on the brink of adult responsibilities and just hanging out with your girlfriends? Yeah, it was pretty fabulous. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our top 10 girls day out ideas. things to do during a summer day […]

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Oubly Baby Shower Cakes

10 Greatest Baby Shower Cakes Ever Baked

Julia Child said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” And since you certainly don’t want your baby shower to be a mere meeting, we’ve compiled the 10 best baby shower cakes that embody the top themes. Be it a boy, girl, twins, or a surprise, we’ve got baby shower cakes for your special […]

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DIY food wrapping paper

How to Create Extraordinary DIY Wrapping Paper with Food

If you’re sick of showing up to a party with another drab present wrapped in conventional paper, you need to rethink the way you’ve been using produce. I’m sure you never thought that it could double as a sponge and paint roller, but I’m here to show you otherwise. There are a good handful of […]

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oubly floral ladybug baby shower invitation

7 Ways to Create the Cutest Floral Ladybug Themed Baby Shower

The best way to have a super cute yet sophisticated baby shower is to have one inspired by ladybugs and flowers. Both elements basically reduce down to circular shapes, so just use that as your guide. Serve up cupcakes on floral printed plates and don’t forget to have some big balloons amidst flower and ladybug […]

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oubly DIY keychain tutorial

Create Your Own Summer Themed DIY Keychain in 8 Easy Steps

I am always drawn in to an Anthropologie store because of their windows, and I end up staying longer than anticipated because of the unique and eclectic combination of colors and use of materials in both their displays and merchandise. Recently, I came across a cool, tribal keychain that had the aura of summer all […]

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oubly screen printed t-shirts

How to Make Screen Printed T-Shirts for Your Summer Attire

I’ve taken screen printing classes where you use massive silk screens and print on super nice, thick Rives BFK paper. It truly is an art form to get amazing, precise prints. However, I decided to try this technique using recycled materials from around the house to screen print a t-shirt. It totally worked, and I […]

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oubly bridal shower theme ideas

5 Perfect Summer Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

The June solstice officially marked the start of summer, and that means that on top of having more time for daylight, chances are you’ll be spending some of that time at weddings and bridal showers. If you’ve been appointed maid of honor or a bridesmaid, you’re probably using the extra daylight to organize such events. […]

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