how to become a better graphic designer

How to Become a Better Graphic Designer in 5 Easy Steps

Don’t let your skills become stale. Follow our 5 easy to follow tips and improve your graphic designer skills today.

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oubly wedding proposals

5 Extraordinary Wedding Proposals You Can’t Say No To

Who doesn’t love witnessing a wedding proposal? Even if I’m not the lady being asked to get married, simply watching and knowing about it is already makes me teary eyed. If it was a proposal for me I guess I’d faint from being so shocked and happy. Let’s look at these extraordinary wedding proposals to […]

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5 Perfect Ideas for A Budget Friendly Baby Shower

Everything costs big money nowadays, most especially things that are necessary to live, including medical expenses. Pregnancy is one of those overwhelming expenses and even more so when you throw a baby shower for your little bundle of joy. The good news is that you don’t need to cut expenses to throw the most meaningful baby […]

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oubly beach wedding cocktails

7 Perfect Cocktails for Your Beach Wedding

The bride and groom have said their “I dos”, the view is spectacular and the ocean waves play a soothing symphony. Beach themed weddings truly are the purest manifestations of romance that people today still have a shot of experiencing at least once. Speaking of shots — the perfect way to end such an event […]

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Oubly fruit smoothies

Fruitylicious: 5 Fruit Smoothies that you will Love

Want to start your day on the right track? Then whip up a delicious vitamin packed smoothie that will keep your mind clear and your body happy. Here are a few of our favorite fruit smoothies that you will surely love. Barbara’s Green Smoothie Do you want to lessen your intake of medicine for diabetes? […]

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creative save the date invitation ideas

7 Creative Save the Date Invitations Ideas

Invitations to events nowadays can be passed on through social media, thanks to the advent of the new age of technology. However, it is still better to create a more formal type of invitation to announce the date to friends. Save the date cards are a great way to show off your personality and style, […]

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Oubly no cook recipes

8 No Cook Recipes Perfect for Your Fairytale Inspired Party

Once upon a time, Macy felt tired of cooking the same old dishes in every party she organized. She longed for some inventive ideas by including “magical food” inspired by fairytales in her cooking. Sounds familiar? If you are like Macy, it is time to trash the usual recipes and venture to something new and […]

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