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10 Greatest Baby Shower Cakes Ever Baked

Julia Child said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” And since you certainly don’t want your baby shower to be a mere meeting, we’ve compiled the 10 best baby shower cakes that embody the top themes.

Be it a boy, girl, twins, or a surprise, we’ve got baby shower cakes for your special occasion. We’re even helping you out further by pairing each cake with its complimentary invitation.

Planning the party just got a lot easier and cuter, right? We’re glad we could help.

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1. This isn’t a traditional baby shower cake, but stacking cupcakes on a platter is similar to the way Russian dolls stack up just like this Russian Dolls baby shower themed card.
Source: Dying of Cute 

2. A circus theme shower is perfect for celebrating a little boy or girl. The elephant atop a ball echoes the playfulness of the characters on this Animal Parade baby shower invite.
Source: Flickr

3. Circles and simple shapes make up this easy to duplicate baby boy cake. Pair this little man with our ‘Lil Sneakers Baby shower cards for the ultimate harmonization.
Source: Flickr

4. If you’re using our Sweet Things invites, you’ll definitely want to pair it with a cake that is extra sweet. What better way than topping it with cookies?
Source: Sugar Hero

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5. For a more subtle variation on the shower theme, construct an ombre cake where the layers are exposed and get darker as they go down to resemble the abstract idea of a rain puddle. We’ve got plenty of raindrop baby shower cards to match!
Source: Raspberries Cupcakes

6. Two peas in a pod is a delightful and playful theme for someone expecting twins. Keep the cake simple with a white frosting to really draw attention to the two peas in a pod.
Source: These Sweet Days

7. A peek-a-boo monkey is a charming way to make the cake the focal point of the room for a boy baby shower. Use this lovely boy baby shower invitation to go with your cake.
Source: We Heart It 

8. The delicate little heart raindrops dripping from the top cloud of this cake make it particularly elegant. Pair it with this Shower Clouds baby shower invite to draw an immediate parallel.
Source: Cake Central

9. Still a classic is the polka dot. It’s suitable for both boys and girls. Get matching Polka Dots baby shower cards here.
Source: The Kichn

10. Nothing says it’s a girl quite like having floral embellished cakes. For a more obvious announcement, try this girl baby shower card.
Source: Flickr

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