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10 Baby Shower Games that Will Make Your Party a Blast

Will you soon be celebrating a favorite mama-to-be? If you have a baby shower on the horizon, you might be consumed with thoughts of  baby shower themes and delicious finger foods. But don’t forget the baby shower games!

After your guests have fawned over your decorations and fed on your scrumptious treats, they’ll want to engage in a little baby shower fun. To make sure that your shower invitees stay entertained all day long, we’ve put together a list of 10 fabulous baby shower games!

1. The Price Is Right

Babies need a lot of love, attention—and stuff. Baby bottles, onesies, bibs, diapers, blankets, car seats, strollers… The list can get pretty long. So just how much do your shower invitees think each baby basic costs? Set out a table of baby essentials and have your guests guess their prices.

2. Baby Food Buffet

oubly baby shower games baby food buffet Image Source: Flickr

Baby food comes in all sorts of flavor combinations. Peas and carrots. Raspberries and pears. Broccoli and chicken. But would your guests be able to identify these tasty combos if asked to try blindfolded a spoonful of different baby foods? Test the palates of your shower guests and find out who has the most discriminating taste buds.

3. Guess the Baby

This is one baby shower game that requires pre-party participation from your guests. Before the big day, ask your invitees to pick out a favorite baby picture of themselves. During the baby shower, show each photograph to your guests and see if they can match that adorable baby face to the right woman.

4. How Big Is Her Belly

oubly baby shower games guess the belly Image Source: Flickr

In everyday life, most people know to never comment on the size of a pregnant woman’s belly. At a baby shower, though, all bets are off—or should we say on! Have your guests each cut a piece of string that they believe represents the expecting mama’s belly size. Whoever comes closest to the actual baby bump circumference wins!

5. Baby Songs

Let’s see just how song savvy your baby shower guests really are! “Baby” is a term of endearment used in a host of popular tunes, so have your invitees write down the songs they know with this word in the title. The guest with the most songs wins!

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6. Name That Baby Book

oubly baby shower games name that baby book Image Source: Flickr

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, and A.A. Milne, the creative minds behind such classics as The Cat in the Hat, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Winnie-the-Pooh? See how many classics your shower invitees know by heart by reading famous lines from well-known children’s books and asking them to name the titles.

7. Baby Word Scramble

Diaper rash. Colic. Teething. Some words belong only to the world of infants. Now you can find out just how baby smart your shower invitees are by making them compete in your baby word scramble. You can either give them a list of jumbled words that they must decipher, or you can write them down one by one on a board. Whoever figures out the most baby terms gets a special prize!

8. Bobbing for Bottles

oubly baby shower games bobbing for bottles Image Source: Flickr

Yep, this game borrows from the party classic bobbing for apples. To give it a baby shower twist, have your guests dunk for bottle nipples instead. The invitee who can grab the most tops with her teeth in less than a minute is the winner.

9. Celebrity Mom Game

Celebrities often have hyphenate titles such as actor-writer-dancer-singer. But how many can add mom to that list? Find out how well your party guests know their celebrity mamas. Ask them to write down all the famous women they know with children. As an added bonus, tell them to list the names of the kids, too!

10. How Long Does It Take to Grow a Baby

oubly baby shower games how long does it take to grow Image Source: Flickr

Many expecting moms are more than ready to give birth after nine months of carrying around their precious cargo. Did you know, though, that some animals have pregnancies of nearly two years? Have your guests take a guess at the gestational periods of some of the more famous creatures of the animal kingdom. After hearing some of the answers, your guest-of-honor might not feel so bad about her pregnancy coming in at less than a year!

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