Oubly baroque DIY Wall Art tutorial

Baroque Inspired DIY Wall Art

After seeing Du Jour’s mixed media editorial, we decided to take their idea and add our own personal touch. This aesthetic borderlines on being too busy, but by keeping the patterns in the same color palette, the imagery  of your DIY wall art will remain eye-pleasing.

baroque DIY Wall materials

For this project, gather a pencil, ruler, Bristol board, tracing paper, scissors and/or an exact-o knife, rubber cement, a magazine, and wallpaper samples.

  baroque DIY Wall Art  step 2

Any magazine with fashion editorial imagery will work to find a model. However, be sure to pick a photo that has the model wearing a print. We combed through the September Issue of Vogue. To find the background, we used a wallpaper sample book from a home décor shop.

If you don’t have access to wallpaper, scrapbook paper is a good alternative.

baroque DIY Wall Art  step 3

Cut the Bristol board large enough so that you leave room for padding around your model. We cut ours to 9×12’’.

TIP: If you plan on displaying the image in a frame, be mindful of standard frame sizes.

baroque DIY Wall Art  step 4

 Use your exact-o knife or scissors to extract the model from the background.

TIP: It’s good to cut a little inside of the model’s outline so that you for sure don’t pick up any of the background coloring.


baroque DIY Wall Art-5


Decide how you want the wallpaper to overlay on the model using tracing paper. We followed some of the existing angles from how the model was posed.


baroque DIY Wall Art-6


Place the tracing paper outlining the cuts on the backside of the wallpaper. Use scotch tape to secure the tracing paper and wallpaper together to cut through both at the same time.

 TIP: Be sure to flip the tracing paper so that you are cutting out the inverse.

baroque DIY Wall Art  step 7

Now that all pieces are cut out, use the rubber cement to glue them to the board. Work from back pieces to front.

  baroque DIY Wall Art  step 7

Create more Baroque wallart experimenting with different prints and pattern overlays.


Finished Examples

Oubly baroque DIY Wall Art

baroque DIY Wall Art 1

baroque DIY Wall Art 2

baroque DIY Wall Art 3

baroque DIY Wall Art 4


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