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10 Epic Beach Party Ideas

We’re arguably in the last month of summer, which means that it’s time to get your beach fix via any means possible.

To some that may mean catching the waves, building a sand castle, or simply throwing an umbrella in your next cocktail.

But in the event that you want to bring the beach to your next party and you’re not close to some sand, we’ve rounded up 10 epic beach party ideas that are sure to make it feel like you’re walking on sunshine.

From children to adults, we’ve got beach party ideas that will make everyone smile.

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  1. The advent of the selfie has everyone vying to put their best face forward on social media. With this easy-to-make crepe paper background, you’ve just established the perfect spot to get cute snaps.
    Source: Rust and Shine
  2. For a little ambient lighting, burn candles in shells. As they melt down they will mold to the form and look ever so precious.
    Source: BHG
  3. To help guests get that beach island vibe, set up a spot to braid friendship bracelets. Simply stock up on different colored embroidery thread, and then let the creative patterns begin!
    Source: Free People
  4. Finding sand dollars can be difficult, but making these sand dollar cookies isn’t. Simply make sugar or snicker doodle cookies and top them with sliced almonds.
    Source: Delicious Inspiration
  5. If you’re hosting a beach birthday party, then it’s only fitting that goodie bags should be little pails full of goldfish crackers, squirt guns, and fish toys.
    Source: 11 Cupcakes
  6. Set these up before hand or have guests make these jelly fish paper bowl hangars. You just need paper bowls, water color paint, plastic eyes or a marker, ribbon, and liquid adhesive.
    Source: Redtri
  7. Who can forget the annoying seagulls that always seem to be causing a ruckus? With this party decoration you bring the idea of the bird without all of the noise. So much more calming!
    Source: Ruffled
  8. A great way to use balloons in a nontraditional way that still imagines the sea.
    Source: Catch My Party
  9. Possibly the cutest way to eat a croissant. Ever.
    Source: Spoonful
  10. Bucket races are the best for children of all ages. Have them race to see who can fill up their bucket with water the fastest only using a seashell.
    Source: Redtri
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