how to have the best weekend ever

How To Have The Best Weekend Ever

As functioning adults, we all have our own regular routine that we follow down to the exact minute. It probably has some resemblance of the following: Wake up, go to work, exercise, do more work, and then collapse in bed just to repeat the same thing the next day.


By the time it’s Friday, it can be really tempting to stay in and shut out the world. But this weekend I’m challenging you not to!


Think of the weekend as your opportunity to break out of your cycle rut and take a bold step towards doing something for yourself. Does the idea of not having a schedule make you a little apprehensive? Well, it’s a good thing I’ve outlined a basic one for you. So go ahead, get started.


I guarantee you’ll feel happier and more refreshed come Monday morning.


Step 1:

go out this weekend

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You’re done working that nine to five to stay alive, so go out and do something on Friday night! Make dinner plans with friends or try to make it to a happy hour.


If you have to stay at work stupid long, there are always concerts, live shows and DJ sets, or late night food trucks traipsing around. Going out on Friday night will signal that you’re done with work, and ready to leave all the office needs behind to focus on your own.


Step 2:

weekend work out

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Start Saturday morning off on the right foot by stepping outdoors. Switch up your regular gym work out or class for one that offers you the opportunity to breath en plein air.


A fan of yoga? Try it on a paddle board. Still stuck in snowy weather? See if there are snow shoe or cross country skiing trails in your area. Mixing up your work out routine will help you work different muscles that you don’t usually target.


Step 3:

max out this weekend

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It’s time to go shopping. And no, I don’t mean for groceries. It’s Fashion Week in New York, the Peter Pilotto collection lands at Target this Sunday, and President’s Day is coming up.


There is inspiration, new items, and sales all around. Take this time to revamp your wardrobe, even if it is picking up just one new essential or splurging in something special.


Step 4:

zone out this weekend

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The Golden Globes are over and done with, but the Oscars are just around the corner. Taking a look at the nominees in the categories for either award show will definitely convince you to go to the theater.


If you’re not in the mood for a thought-provoking piece of cinema, February is also the month of the glorified rom com and comedy thanks to vday. All your movie bases are covered.


Step 5:

get crafty this weekend

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When was the last time you actually did something with your hands besides typping out a text or an email? Exactly.

Take time on Sunday to relax and create something tangible with your hands. There is a certain joy that comes with actually molding material in to an object. Try making this Love pillow or painting some Conversation Hearts.

Paulina Kay

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