How Blogging Can Increase Your Small Business Sales

Blogging is for far more than just the average person with something to say these days. Now, blogging can be just as useful to business owners – and you can use your business’ blog to keep in touch with customers, provide them with interesting information that keeps them clicking back for more, and increase the sales of your small business as a whole.

People rely on blogs to provide them with something new and cool. Here’s how you can use your business’ blog to up your sales.


Post Facts About Your Industry

First, let’s think about which industry or business you find yourself in.

Are you a bakery? Are you an IT company? Are you going to be posting and blogging about the newest happenings in telecommunication?

Post interesting and fascinating facts about your industry as blog posts, which is a great way to draw new clients who are really after interesting content, but stick around for the sales.

You have to draw them in, and interesting industry news and facts presented as blog posts is a great way!

Review Other Products

Product reviews make a great topic for blog posts, especially if you’re trying to boost sales of a specific product through your blog. Review something that you sell through your blog channel, or take a moment for a blog post to tell people a bit more about it and how it works.

Rely on your own personal experience when you write this: People listen to personal experiences more than they do generic sales content.

With reviewing these products, point people in the direction they would need to go to buy it. Subsequently, your sales will benefit from their clicks and your sales go up.


Give People an Inside Look into Your Business

behind the scenes of a business

People like seeing an inside look into a business, and offering people one in the form of blog posts or a series of posts is a great way to make sure they keep reading, keep clicking and know they can trust your business.

An inside look into your business, whether it’s images of where their products will get packed for shipping or an image of where their breads get backed.

People like to see this inside look into a business, as this makes them feel like they’re getting an exclusive look and being part of the business in a way.


Be Open and Contactable

Want to drive sales up through your blog? A great way to do this, in combination with excellent posts, is to make sure people can contact you to have any of their questions answered or concerns addressed.

Your website will need at the very least a basic contact form, but you can add a bit more flair and increase trust in your business by including chat box where people can contact you around the clock for support and queries – being open and easy to contact will manage to drive sales in itself.


Why People Like Business Blogs

Want to drive sales even further? Set people up with some special offers if they make a purchase from your website.

For example, place your order in the next twenty-four hours and you will get half off your next purchase, or offer people a slice off their purchase price if they order now and share the following post with two people.

Referral bonuses are another great way to increase sales through your business blog. People like business blogs when they’re offering them more than just business – people want to read fascinating content, and people want to get special bonuses.

You, on the other hand, need people to click – and buy – so special buying incentives help. Want to know more about making money with your blog? This resource can tell you more about how you can earn money!


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