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10 Ways to Make Incredible Christmas Wreaths

‘Tis the season for DIY. Christmas wreaths are expensive, so why not make one yourself? There are so many great tutorials online, and most of the wreaths are budget-friendly without sacrificing style. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Scalloped Felt Wreath

oubly christmas wreaths scalloped wreath

Seriously, when is felt cooler than at Christmas time? (You don’t see many felt spring wreaths, do you?) This wreath is bursting with holiday color, with no special skills required. Even the scallop template is drawn by hand. You. Can. Do. It. View Tutorial

 2. Burlap Poinsettia Wreath

oubly burlap christmas wreaths

For a more rustic look, go for a burlap Christmas wreath this year. Add red felt poinsettias for a pop of eye-catching color. View Tutorial

3. Traditional Christmas Wreath

oubly christmas wreaths handmade wreath

Ever wanted to know how to make a fresh wreath? This natural wreath tutorial walks you through all the steps to make your own with fresh greenery. When you’re done, you can decorate it however you like. View Tutorial 

 4. Doily Wreath

oubly dollie christmas wreaths

This whimsical wreath is probably the most budget and time-friendly one of the bunch. Since you only need 3 supplies–a hanger, paper doilies, and Christmas lights–you can whip this baby up in no time. View Tutorial  

5. Paper Straw Wreath

oubly christmas wreaths red and white straw wreath

Feeling like a break from the norm? This quirky red-and-white paper straw wreath keeps traditional Christmas colors alive, while leaving traditional style behind. View Tutorial 

 6. Pom-Pom Wreath

oubly pom pom christmas wreaths

We love the vibrant bursts of color and texture on this Christmas wreath. If you’ve got an endless supply of DIY energy, you can hand-make the pom-poms and posies, too. View Tutorial

 7. Felted Ball Wreath

  oubly european christmas wreaths

Apparently, antlers and wreaths go together this year? We’re not complaining. Especially, when it’s this felted ball wreath. With a little needle and thread, and lots of cute, colored balls, create a new kind of Christmas decor at your house this year. View Tutorial

8. Advent Wreath

oubly DIY advent christmas wreaths

One of the best things about the Christmas season is the anticipation. Count down the days ‘til Christmas with this creative DIY advent wreath. View Tutorial

 9. Ornament Wreath

oubly christmas wreaths ornament ball wreath

Almost as ubiquitous as fresh, green Christmas wreaths, an ornament wreath is a classic that will live on year after year. View Tutorial

 10. Yarn Wreath

oubly christmas wreaths joy yarn wreath

This is one project that’s perfect to do while you catch up on your favorite TV show. It’ll take you a while to wrap all that yarn around the wreath, but don’t worry. Once you’re done, you’ll be filled with J O Y at the finished product, just like the wreath says. View Tutorial 

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Julie Davis

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