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10 Reasons Graphic Designers Should Use Cloud Invoicing

The life of a graphic designer is, without question, full of creativity and inspiration. They are the people who take dreams and ideas and realize them to images with shapes, lines, letters, and colors. Putting the creativity of a designer’s life aside, they are regular everyday people who wish to have their finances organized – don’t we all?  

Well, we all know that inspiration thrives when the artist is relaxed and the mind is free to concentrate on the creative process, but more often than not, money-related anxiety can be a creativity killer. Thankfully, we are living in the era of cloud invoicing and if you are designer in dilemma on whether choosing a cloud application for your finances or not, here’s why you should start today!

Let’s start with some of the major problems designers face, concerning their invoicing and billing process,

  • G.A.S. Gear Acquisition Syndrome: Designing software is always being updated and the hardware is getting more and more sophisticated! If you are a passionate graphic designer or want to differentiate, well, you cannot get enough of it. However, it comes at a cost. How can you know when is the right time to invest in new gear? It is important to be aware of your cash-flow in order to easily avoid risks.
  • Time Management and multitasking: It is usual for graphic designers to undertake different projects at the same time. Moreover, many different clients with their own sense of urgency and different needs are claiming your time and attention, especially if you are a freelancer. And here comes the question of how much you value and allocate your time. Are you spending it on projects that will bring you a sufficient reward or do you just go with the flow and remain underpaid?
  • Late payments: Ah! Ask any freelancer. They usually prepare an average of three different proposals for the same customer and change several aspects of the project along the way. Not to mention that many times the project may change entirely compared to the original brief. And after all is done and delivered, the payment remains pending. Combined with the possibility that you do not bill them by the hours spent, apart from being underpaid, you end up waiting for the reward of your efforts and attention.
  • All that fuzz: Unless you chose it as your career, invoicing, billing and cash flow management can be overwhelming and may impede your concentration. And yes, sometimes it is a good cause of headaches too!

It is clear that all the above are the challenges that will inevitably come with the job, and regardless of whether you expected them or not when starting off, you came to realize that you have to deal with them. But let’s face it.; at the base of every work-oriented project lies profit. And not just an emotional profit of accomplishment.

Money is, universally, the #1 reason and motive for working! It is no wonder that fintech applications are here to satisfy the need for better management of cash-flow.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should start using cloud invoicing for your Graphic Design business today:

  1. Well, we have already talked about the importance of cash flow and knowing when and where to spend your money. With a comprehensive invoicing and billing software, you may get an instant overview of your income and expenses, your accounts receivable, your bills and within 10 minutes you’re able to come up with a strategy to increase your earnings.
  2. Automation. Get paid faster. When you ease the process of payment you significantly increase your chances of getting paid faster. Integrate your preferred payment solutions with your billing software, send customers their invoice, and they will get redirected to its payment page. That’s it!
  3. Avoid human errors. We’ve all been there and done mistakes concerning the taxes, VAT number, even on the amount or service description. All it takes is a lousy day, and the invoicing process feels like a puzzle you need to solve! An online invoicing software is capable of saving your services, customers, values calculation etc. Just a few clicks and you’re done.
  4. Quotes. Imagine just for a second, that you send your offer to your client, they give feedback right through the application you used and, when they accept, you just hit a button and it turns to an invoice! Most cloud-based invoicing platforms work magic like that. And you get to have saved templates for different types of quotes too!
  5. Branding. You are a graphic designer, so yes, your customer expects an innovative business card and a stand out invoice. No worries, most applications offer the ability for you to customize your invoice templates according to your desires. They say that success lies in the details, so make every detail memorable.
  6. A Client Portal. The client portal is a space where you and your customer can exchange sensitive information. They can view and download their transaction history, accept your quotes and even pay you through the portal depending on the payment gateway you chose.
  7. Time Savers: Time is the most valuable “good” of our times. Seriously. Can you think of anyone who doesn’t wish they had more time? Well, we can’t! With all the features mentioned above you start getting a sense of how many minor tasks end up taking up a whole afternoon and you can delegate those on the application.
  8. Accessibility: The major advantage of cloud-based platforms! you can access them from everywhere there is an internet connection. So basically, everywhere through all devices. Awesome!
  9. Pay As You Go Pricing: Most platforms provide pricing policies based on the expansion of your business. Some even start with a full free plan, and you get billed when you exceed a certain number of customers, invoices, users etc. Check them out and find the best solution for you.
  10. Team Access: Let’s say you have an accountant or your assistant whom you want to give access to your financial data. You can decide which particular actions they can perform with your data. Pretty Handy for tax season or busy days.

One of the secrets of work happiness is to ask for help and delegate. Invoicing and billing are processes worth delegating to automated solutions and save all this time for your talent. With all the features provided, cloud invoicing applications can turn out to be great assistants in your day to day activities, your work expansion and life balance.

Try them out and chose the best for you!


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