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8 Quick Ways to Create a Creative Workspace

Image source: Ashleyella Design 

Sometimes just the thought of going to work is enough to make you exhausted. Long hours, impending deadlines, and the monotonous drone of answering emails can be a yawn. It’s time to get excited again!

We’ve got 8 great ideas to help you spice up your work station so that it is anything but boring. Make your workplace one that you’ll love with these simple updates that are sure to set up a visually pleasing environment sure to spark creativity and encourage productivity.


cute business card holder

Image Source: See Jane Work 

It’s time to stop leaving your business cards in the box that they originally arrived in.

Set them on display in a colorful, hand-painted tray so that they’ll be easily accessible for anyone that might stop by your desk.

If you don’t have cards or need some new ones, you should browse our selection beautiful collection here!

dinosaur planter

Image Source: Etsy 

Get a little light-hearted by having a fun planter nearby. This bright dinosaur is cute and a conversation starter.

If you’re nervous about keeping your plant alive, start with a succulent.

They require little care and are near impossible to kill.


sweet motivational poster

Image Source: Instagram 

Hang up a motivational poster where you are sure to see it when you get in to work. It will help you start off in the right frame of mind and serve as a reminder that you can tackle whatever tasks are at hand.

We also like the fact that this one is displayed using a clipboard.


beautiful paintings

Image Source: Beautiful Object 

For a drastic change, try painting a wall in your office with chalkboard paint. That way you can jot down ideas for brainstorming sessions. It also acts as a great backdrop to hang up inspirational imagery with one of our favorite craft materials: washi tape.


retro pencil dispenser

Image Source: Daily Candy


It’s easy to let pens and pencils lie loosely on a desktop, but this clever idea of using a retro straw dispenser keeps them organized and collected.


freshly cut flowers

Image Source: Divaani blog 

Freshly cut flowers and candles are not just meant for a bedside table. Bring these elements to your workspace, and it will immediately look chic.


cool phone charger

Image Source: Saturday 

Phone charging throughout the day is necessary more often than not, and this device makes the purpose look cute.


sweet unique coasters

Image Source: Bzippy and Company 

Drinking out of the company paper cups or mugs can be convenient, but upgrading to something that reflects your own personality will instantly serve as a mood lifter.

Adding a few unique coasters and mugs to your workspace will add just the right amount of flare to any surface.

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