How To Cut Avocado Like A Pro

In California I don’t know when it’s never not avocado season. When you walk in to the produce section of every grocery store, you are more often than not greeted first thing by a mound of avocados.


As an avid avocado lover, this is the most amazing thing ever for me. Plus, health benefits of avocados include helping to lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, and promote a healthy body weight.


I could eat an avocado on toast every day for the rest of my life. As such, I’ve mastered the art of splitting this fine fruit open and I am sharing the steps below.


Step 1

tools for cutting avacados

Start with an avocado and a specially designed avocado cutting tool.

Don’t have one of these fancy things? A basic kitchen knife will do.


Step 2

how to cute avocados

Cut the avocado from stem to blossom end and back again. Twist the two halves apart.


Step 3

cut an avacado

To get the pit out, you’ll make an “x” across it with your cutting tool.

Start by whacking the knife across the pit horizontally.


Step 4

cut avacado vertically

Then, bring the cutting tool down vertically across the pit. This should help cause an indentation that will allow you to dislodge the pit effortlessly.


Step 5

cut avocado into strips

Cut vertical strips while the flesh is still in the skin.


Step 6

scoop out avocado

Scoop the flesh strips from the skin.


Step 7


Your avocado strips are looking pretty and ready to eat. Stop here or go on for pretty avocado on toast!


Step 8

out avocado strips on toast

Put the strips on toast and cut hashtags across the fruit.


Step 9

smash down avocado

Gently smash down the avocado to make a nice even layer. A spoon works well if you don’t have a cutting tool like the one used.


Step 10

 sprinkle salt and pepper on avocado

Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, and it’s ready to devour.


Tip: Like a hint of sweet with your savory? Try drizzling a little honey over the top.


picture perfect avocado

Paulina Kay

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