National Pie Day

Cut Me a Slice! It’s National Pie Day!

It may not be Super Bowl Sunday just yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to enjoy a food extravaganza!

If ever there was a day to give your New Year’s resolutions a 24-hour moratorium, this is it, folks. January 23 is National Pie Day, so let the sweet treat fun begin! has come up with no less than 10 delicious pie varieties that you should indulge in before the calendar turns to January 24.


Key Lime Pie

national pie day key lime pie Image Source: Flickr

Most of the nation is covered in snow and ice at this very moment. We’re guessing some of you might know this firsthand.

So what better way to escape the winter doldrums than with a refreshing slice of key lime pie on National Pie Day?

This delectable sweet can make you forget—at least for a few minutes—that spring is still two months away.


Apple Pie

national pie day apple pie Image Source: Flickr

If you want to have your pie and eat it, too, then may we suggest a helping of apple pie? This classic can satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your calorie bank.

Peach Pie

national pie day peach pie Image Source: Flickr

Some people say apples and oranges. We prefer apples and peaches. Specifically, a slice of apple pie and a slice of peach pie.

This sweet confection makes a great substitute for pie lovers who want to explore their pie options beyond the traditional apple variety.


Blueberry Pie

national pie day blueberry pie Image Source: Flickr

Few desserts evoke the sweet and sumptuous feel of summer like blueberry pie. But even if the summer solstice is still five months away, you can experience a piece of warm weather goodness with a slice of blueberry tastiness on National Pie Day.

Pumpkin Pie

national pie day pumpkin pie

Image Source: Flickr

What does the scent of fresh pumpkin pie remind you of? Thanksgiving with friends and family? Wrapping presents under the tree? Watching holiday specials with your loved ones? Or perhaps all three?

If you’re experiencing the post-holiday blues, a slice of pumpkin pie can put a festive smile back on your face.


Pecan Pie

national pie day pecan pie Image Source: Flickr

Maybe you like to root for the underdog. Perhaps you think pumpkin pie is overrated. Well if you do, then grab yourself a piece—or a whole tin!—of delectable pecan pie.


Sweet Potato Pie

national pie day sweet potato pie Image Source: Flickr

Some people would love pie if it just weren’t quite so… sweet. If you like your desserts on the mild side, let us suggest a slice of sweet potato pie. Don’t let the name fool you!


Lemon Meringue Pie

national pie day lemon maringue pie Image Source: Flickr

For those of you who can’t get enough of the sweet stuff, load up your plate with a piece of lemon meringue pie!

Sweet, light, and delightfully fresh, this pie will leave your taste buds wishing for more.


Banana Cream Pie

national pie day banana cream pie Image Source: Flickr

Don’t let another banana cream pie get squandered. Far too many of these yummy treats have already been desecrated as cheap “pie in the face” jokes.

Do your part to protect these wonderful pies from being wasted by eating as many slices as you can on National Pie Day.


Chocolate Cream Pie

national pie day chocolate cream pie Image Source: Flickr

When it comes to total indulgence, chocolate usually takes the cake. Or in this case, takes the pie.

Don’t let this National Pie Day come and go without tasting the creamy deliciousness that is chocolate cream pie.

Which of these delicious desserts are you looking forward to eating? Let us know your favorite or suggest a pie that is not on the list.

 Featured Image Source: Flickr


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