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Delightful Food and Drink Ideas For A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are wonderfully unique for many reasons. The snow. The holiday cheer. The delicious winter meals. That’s right, folks. Winter is a fantastic time of year to host your nuptials not only for the magical outdoor scenery and genial collective mood, but also for the delightful dishes and beverages inherent to the season. has put together a smorgasbord of tasty winter wedding food and drink ideas for your winter wonderland celebration.


Tea Warm-Me-Ups

The temperature outside is cold enough to frost noses and freeze fingertips, and one by one, your chilly guests are making their way to your ceremony location.

What better way to welcome your loved ones than with a piping hot cup of tea? This beverage can warm the hands, the heart, and the belly.

Its mild taste will bring a smile to the lips of your friends and family, and its enticing aroma can make them feel instantly soothed after traversing to your wedding destination.


Hearty Hors d’Oeuves

The ceremony is over, but you and your new groom will be taking photographs for the next few minutes. So what’s the best way to distract your guests while you pose for those pics? With mouth-watering comfort food, of course.

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Many people love the winter months solely because they can indulge in their favorite comfort dishes such as chicken potpie, macaroni and cheese, and tomato soup. With the right caterer, you can make cocktail hour a delicious one for your guests with mini versions of your own beloved foods.

From one-bit pot pies to single-gulp mac and cheese balls, you can make sure that your loved ones fill up on the season’s best comfort food offerings.


Festive Main Meals

Why let the culinary fun stop come dinnertime? When you and your guests are ready to sit down for dinner, surprise them with entrée selections inspired by the holiday season.

Turkey and ham make wonderful meat options for dinner. Serve them up with sides of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cheddar biscuits to complete your winter wedding meal.

If you want to offer your guests lighter meal selections, try honeyed carrots, roasted asparagus, or traditional green bean casserole.


Eggnog Spirits

If you intend to serve alcoholic beverages at your winter wedding, might we suggest those of the eggnog variety?

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This seasonal drink makes an appearance for approximately one month out of the entire year, so take full advantage of it while you can.

It’s rich. It’s creamy. It’s the perfect drink for your winter wedding. As those who have drank eggnog can attest, it’s also quite filling. So when serving your guests this mildly spicy spirit, use small mugs rather than tall glasses.


Seasonal Desserts

What would the holidays be without pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and carrot cake?

If you look forward to the holiday season because of the many scrumptious desserts that typically arrive with it, you can incorporate your favorite wintertime sweet treats into your winter wedding. You can easily make pumpkin or carrot the main ingredient in your wedding cake.

If you prefer to have vanilla, chocolate, or another flavor for your cake, you can still make it look appropriately festive on the outside. Simply ask your decorator to design your cake with the holidays in mind.

With a bit of sugar and a little food coloring, your cake decorator can add snowflakes, pinecones, or any other holiday-themed element to the exterior of your wedding cake. offers a wonderful collection of stationery items for weddings, holidays, and other important events.

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