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30+ Cool Custom Die Cut Business Cards

Image Source: Pop Sugar

Every day, your clients receive business cards from multiple competitors. Using non-custom cards can severely devalue your business in the eyes of your clients.

Your business card may be the only thing a customer has to judge you by, so make it count!

One way get your clients attention is to hand them die cut business cards.

The die cutting production process has paved the way for designers to be more creative, and come up with designs that are not limited to 2″ x 3.5″ and four corners.

The result is the production of highly attractive and effective unique business cards that will grab your client’s attention.

We have gathered 30 plus custom die cut business card examples to help inspire your own unique design. Prepare to get new ideas from these cool samples.

Oyster Die Cut Business Cards

die cut business cards

 Printed by Oubly

Bite Mark Business Cards

Mark Die Cut Business Cards

Printed by Oubly

Tree Shaped Business Card

weird air freshener business cards

Image Source: Graphic Cave

Sunglasses Business Cards

sunglasses business cards

Image Source: The Design Inspiration

Le Pain Dans Les Voiles Business Cards

die cut business cards

Le Pain Dans Les Voiles Business Cards Designed by Carole Platine

Hexagon Business Card

hexagon business card

Hexagon Business Card Designed by Cody Birkinshaw

Phone Booth Business Cards

die cut phone booth business cards

Image Source: Clark and Kent

Pop Up Business Card

weird pop up business cards

Image Source: Loud Bang

Foldable Business Cards

foldable business cards oubly

Image Source: Coolest Business Card

Circus Ticket Business Cards

circus ticket die cut business cards

Business Card Designed by Greg Eckler

Alteroy Business Cards

Alteroy die cut business cards

Image Source: Cargo Collective

Hair Stylist Business Cards

weird hair dress business cards

Image Source: OHF

Catapult Business Cards

catapult business cards oubly

Image Source: Cardnetics

Stock Broker Business Cards

stock broker business cards

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

Milkcrate Business Cards

milkcrate die cut business cards

Business Card Designed by Liam Johnstone 

Hand Shaped Business Card

Ginny Branch Business Cards

Ginny Branch Business Card Designed by Bri Emery

Ninja Star Business Cards

weird ninja star business cards

Ninja Business Cards design by: NinjaBTL

Skateboard Business Cards


Image Source: Mashable

Vinyl Business Cards

vinyl business cards oubly

Image Source: Cardonizer

Denture Shaped Business Cards

dentist business cards

Image Source: Design School

Stencil Business Cards

stencil business cards oubly

Image Source: Davide Gasperini 

Fifth Floor Business Cards

wooden business cards

Image Source: Smoking Designers

Chair Business Cards

furniture store business cards

Photo Credit: Short List

Cavity Dental Business Cards

dentist business cards

Photo Credit: Design School

Film Marker Business Card

video production business cards

Image Source: Refined Guy

Bike Repair Business Card

bike repair business cards oubly

Image Source: Digital Synopsis

Gabe Ferreira Business Cards

name business cards oubly

Image Source: Gabe Ferreira

Die Cut Triangle Logo Business Cards

die cut logo business cards oubly

Image Source: Web Design Dev

Clothes Hanger Business Cards

clothes hanger business cards

Image Source: Card Rabbit

Paper Airplane Business Cards

paper plane business cards oubly

Image Source: Short List

Model Airplane Business Cards

model plane business cards

Image Source: Ads of the World

Car Business Cards

nissan business cards

Image Source: Short List

Cassette Business Cards

cassette business cards oubly

Image Source: Design Boom

Cheese Grater Business Cards

cheese grater business cards oubly

Image Source: Design School

Leaf Shaped Business Cards

leaf shaped business cards

Leaf Shaped Business Cards Designed by Steven Palmer 

Smiley Face Business Cards

smiley face business cards

Smiley Face Business Cards Designed by Driv Loo

Metal Business Cards

die cut metal business cards

Image Source: Cardonizer 

Amma Maternity Business Cards

Amma maternity business cards

Image Source: Cardonizer

How Do I Set Up Files for Die Cut Business Cards?

Once, you have figured out the design for your die cut business card you will need to submit your artwork to a custom printing company to produce your cards.

When submitting artwork you will need to submit three files. A front and back print file and a mask file.

The mask file will be in black and white only. All black areas should be 100k or only 100% black with no other colors added.

The black areas of the file will be the areas where your business cards will be trimmed.

The submitted files must be Vector files, either Adobe Illustrator files or PDF vector files.

Be aware that there may be a 1/16″ shift on the placement of the die cut. Keep this in mind if you are trying to align your die cut with other printed artwork on the card.

The following image is a representation of what a mask file should look like.

die cut mask file

Remember that black in the mask file must be 100k where you would like your business cards to be cut.

Are Custom Die Cut Cards Expensive?

Many business owners still use standard business cards because they feel that custom die cut cards are too expensive to afford.

What they fail to realize is that great business cards can be affordable.

Considering that having unique custom business cards will help you gain more customers, it is worth the small investment.

If you are interested in a custom quote, here is a list of reliable printing companies that can help you get started.

  1. Oubly Premium Business Cards
  2. My Metal Business Card
  3. My Wood Business Card

With all of the information presented to you, we are confident that you will be able to design and print your own set of die cut business cards.

Which die cut business card did you like the best? Have you come across any neat business cards? Feel free to share links in the comments below.



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