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9 Jaw-Dropping DIY Chandelier Ideas

I personally love chandeliers, and I think it might have something to do with the fact that my mother has one hanging over her kitchen sink. It seems unexpectedly placed, but looks absolutely stunning when the light shines through and catches the crystals.

If my mother can get away with having one in the kitchen, then you most certainly can get away with having one at your next party.

There really is nothing quite like having a fixture hanging from the ceiling to grab guests’ attention. Plus, you don’t even have to invest in crystals or glass.

Most of these 9 ideas below can all be duplicated with a little do-it-yourself attitude and light elbow grease.

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1. The Reinvented Test Tube Chandelier

With a few basic power tools and a slew of test tubes, you could make this beauty yourself. Or, you could purchase it here and just have to worry about where to get the flowers.
Image Source: Etsy


2. The Floating Flower Chandelier

Just make a few tissue paper flowers at about half size following these instructions, and suspend them using fishing wire to create the floating illusion.
Image Source: The Glitter Guide


3. The Metal Reflector Chandelier

Pick up some K&S metal rolls in copper and brass to create this mixed-metal fixture.
Image Source: Martha Stewart Weddings


4. The Ribbon Down Chandelier

Create this super sleek and simple design by tying varying lengths of ribbon to an embroidery hoop.
Image Source: Pinterest


5. The Right Side Down Flower Chandelier

Using kite string, tie clipped dragon snap flowers upside down to an embroidery hoop.
Image Source: The Sweetest Occasion


6. The Fringe Tissue Paper Chandelier

Just taping some tissue fringe garland to an embroidery hoop will get you this funky look.
Image Source: Petite Party Studio


7. The Lovely Lace Chandelier

You could get new lace from a fabric store, or pick up interesting patterns from estate sales or flea markets for this delicate look.
Image Source: Pinterest


8. The Flight of Feathers Chandelier

Using brightly colored feathers helps this chandelier look party appropriate.
Image Source: The Sweetest Occasion


9. The Garden Light Chandelier

Fill a wire gardening basket bottom with moss and place thick, cylindrical candles in it to have instant, romantic mood lighting.
Image Source: Your Cozy Home 


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  1. I love these – I think I’m going to try to make something with this inspiration for my daughters party (it’s Hunger Games but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

    1. Awesome. We would love to see your creations! And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about your parties themes. 😉

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