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DIY Denim Flower Pot Cover

I have a pair of jeans that I have literally worn down. Years of washing have made them too short and the fabric is super thin and faded.

Finally, I decided to put them to use instead of having them take up space in the back of my closet.

Now, the denim serves as a casual, chic cover for my succulent flowerpot. Turn your own over worn denim into a flower pot cover and give your pots an upgrade!

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Gather scisscors, a glue gun, glue sticks, a ruler, and permanent marker along with an old pair of jeans.


flower pot cover tutorial-3

Start with the denim by cutting off one of the legs and up the side seam.


flower pot cover tutorial-4

Use a ruler to help fold over a 1” section of fabric along the top portion of denim to create a straight, even edge. Then dap glue along the inside to hold the fold down.


flower pot cover tutorial-5

Measure the height of the flower pot and add 1” to allow room for a bottom fold. Mark the height out on the denim and cut off the extra fabric.


flower pot cover tutorial-6

Take the top portion of your denim strip and hold it to the top of the flowerpot. Dab glue on to the flowerpot and press the denim in to it until fabric is wrapped all the way around. Tuck the end piece under once back at the start.


flower pot cover tutorial-7

Loosely glue down the denim to each other where the overlap occurs starting from top to bottom. Once that is done, tuck the ends under to create a bottom fold and secure with glue.


Fill the flowerpot with plants or flowers, and it’s ready to be set on display!

  flower pot cover tutorial-8

This flower pot would look great next to a custom canvas print.

Paulina Kay

Paulina Kay

is an artist, photographer, kitten lover and milkshake enthusiast who grew up in Michigan and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fine art and sunbathing. She hopes to one day marry Trueblood's Alexander Skarsgard.

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