diy growth chart

7 Creative Ways to Make a DIY Growth Chart

They grow up so fast, don’t they? One minute, you’re cradling your sleeping newborn, and the next, you’re running after your high-energy toddler.

Not too long after that, you’re snapping pictures of your high school graduate! Photographs can capture a moment in time, but if you want a keepsake that puts on display your child’s transformation from baby to big teen, now is the perfect time to create a DIY growth chart.

This easy-to-make project can provide years of surprise and fun as you watch and remark on how much your kids have grown from one year to the next.

Once the growth spurts have come to an end, you can treasure your growth charts as one-of-a-kind mementos or give them to your grown children when they begin families of their own!

I found some gorgeous DIY growth chart ideas that you can make in just minutes but enjoy for decades to come

DIY growth chart


  1. Family growth chart via Somewhat Simple

  2. Wooden growth chart via Poofy Cheeks

  3. 3D growth chart via ChippaSunshine

  4. Striped growth chart via Simply Kierste

  5. Pink and gray ombre growth chart via Making Home Base

  6. Weathered growth chart via Cozy.Cottage.Cute.

  7. Red vintage growth chart via Chase the Star

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