Oubly DIY halloween decorations

10 Perfect DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Halloween Party

Have you stepped foot in a party or home goods store lately and looked at the prices on Halloween decorations? Outrageous! But have no fear, your friends at Oubly are here for you. We have gathered our favorite DIY Halloween decorations that are sure to set a perfectly spooky tone for your halloween party.

Tin Can Luminaries

Oubly DIY Halloween tin can luminaries

via Jolly Mom

Even the most basic crafter could pull this one off. Follow Jolly Mom’s easy step-by-step tutorial and with just a few materials that you could probably find around your house you will be able to create these cute luminaries. Use them to light up your walkway or hang from the porch.

2. Paper Bag Monster Front Door

Oubly DIY Halloween monster door decorations

via Home Jelly

Brown paper bags create the base for this spooky guy that all of your little Halloween party guests will love.

3. Wall of Bats

Oubly DIY Halloween decorations wall of bats

via Marvelous Mommy

Bats in the house! These little cut outs carefully placed in a flight pattern around your house are the perfect DIY Halloween decoration to set the tone for your party.

4. Black Lace Candles

Oubly DIY Halloween decorations lace candles

via Plaid Online 

By just simply wrapping black vintage lace around cream colored candles in various sizes, you will light up your party with class and touch of macabre.

5. Pumpkin Ice Bucket

Oubly DIY Halloween decorations pumpkin ice bucket

via Cheryl Style

Does it get any easier than this? To chill your bubbly at your party just hollow out a pumpkin, fill it with ice and voila…instant pumpkin ice bucket.

6. Halloween Bat Punch Bowl

Oubly DIY Halloween decorations halloween bat punch bowls

via No Biggie

Print out any fun black pattern of bats on vinyl transfer paper and place it on a clear glass punch bowl. Your beverage table will now act as a decorative piece too!

7. Skeleton Hand Wreath

Oubly DIY Halloween decorations skeleton hands wreath

via Eighteen 25

What a spooktacular idea to go buy some plastic skeleton hands and make them into a wreath for your door. And we love the idea of putting chalkboard behind it so you can write whatever message you want.

8. Tassel Garland

Oubly DIY Halloween decorations tassel garland

via Rhonna Designs

 This fun DIY Halloween decoration uses old recycled clothes, garbage bags and tissue paper. Super easy and doesn’t cost a thing!

9. Paper Lanterns

Oubly DIY Halloween paper lantern decorations

via Hostess With The Mostess

Lanterns are a great way to set any mood and these adorable ones from Hostess With The Mostess will add a classy and modern hue all over your home.

10. Spider Tablecloth

Oubly DIY Halloween decorations spider tablecloth

via Eclectically Vintage

There’s no reason to use a boring old table cloth at your Halloween festivities. Simply use a drop cloth, stencils and paint to create a pattern of creepy crawly spiders.

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