how to make DIY muslin good bags

How To Make DIY Muslin Goodie Bags for your Next Party

All the pleasure and beauty of a girls birthday party or baby shower doesn’t have to end as soon as its over. Help guests never forget the good times by giving them a goodie bag that they’ll want to reuse.

It will serve as a visual reminder of what a wonderful time they had and paint you as the exemplary hostess. Here are three easy ways to embellish gorgeous muslin goodie bags.


Dip Dyed Goodie Bags

diy dyed muslin bag materials

You’ll need to gather:

  • food coloring
  • a glass bowl
  • container that won’t stain
  • cooling rack


diy dyed muslin bag step 1

Fill the bowl with water and then add food coloring to get your desired hue.


diy dyed muslin bag step 2

Muslin bags can be dip dyed either dry or wet. Dry muslin bags will create a slightly speckled effect whereas damp muslin bags will soak up the food colored water quicker. In either case, gradually dip one muslin bag at a time in to the food colored water.


diy dyed muslin bag step 3

Place bags on the cooling rack to dry, which will be around a full hour or so. Colors will dry lighter than they appear, so a second dipping might be needed to achieve deeper hues.


diy dyed muslin bag step 4

No two finished dip dyed bags will have the same look to make each one truly unique.


Graphic Marker Design Goodie Bags

graphic pattern muslin bag materials

To make your own graphic pattern on a muslin bag, you’ll need:

  • sharpies
  • a scrap piece of Bristol board or cardboard
  • craft twine


graphic pattern muslin bag step 1

Put the scrap piece of Bristol board into the bag. This will create a smooth surface to draw on while also preventing the marker from bleeding to the other side.


graphic pattern muslin bag step 2

Draw your pattern on one side of the bag, and then continue it on the other.


graphic pattern muslin bag step 3

Remove the string from the bags and measure out an appropriate length for the twine.


graphic pattern muslin bag step 4

Thread the twine through where the drawstring used to be. If you’re having difficulty, cut a straw in half and place one end of the twine inside of that. Tape the string down to the front of the straw, and then thread that end through. Knot both ends together.


graphic pattern muslin bag step 5

Graphic printed bags with a  simple polka dot or criss-cross pattern are trés chic.


Embroidered Symbol Goodie Bags

Embroidered Symbol Goodie Bag Materials


Gather  a:

  • pencil
  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle


Embroidered Symbol Goodie Bags Step 1

Lightly draw in pencil your desired symbol, phrase, or monogram on to the bag.


Embroidered Symbol Goodie Bags Step 2

Knot one end of the embroidery strand and thread the other through the needle.


Embroidered Symbol Goodie Bags Step 3

Start your stitch on the inside of the bag to go from one end to the other. As you make your straight stitch, start each new stitch by piercing through the end of your last stitch. This creates a continuous line without any gaps.


Embroidered Symbol Goodie Bags Step 4

Embroidery in an outlined symbol or short phrase combines an old school past time with present day modernity.


Embroidered Symbol Goodie Bags Step 5

Admit it, once you start making your own goodie bags in this fashion, you might even start keeping a few for yourself. Let us know what creative coloring, pattern, and symbols you decide to make!



DIY muslin bag

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