Oubly DIY wall art

How to Make Stunning DIY Wall Art in 10 Easy Steps

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, so I’d like to think that a piece of hand-made wall art is worth more than a million. Hanging up a piece of your own handiwork puts a reflection of yourself in your space helping to create a comfortable, cozy home.

This 10 step paper wall art tutorial will show you how quickly you can create your own original decor that will instantly spruce things up.

Plus, it’s super lightweight, so it can be put on display practically anywhere without having to bother with nails and a stud finder.

Step 1:

Oubly DIY wall art step 1 Gather materials. You’ll need an embroidery hoop, glue gun, piece of stiff fabric, scissors, a pattern of your design, and heavy-duty paper. We drew out tree and foliage patterns that were roughly 8 inches long making sure to include stems that allow for folding. We also painted Rives BFK paper with watercolor to create different shades.

Step 2:

Oubly DIY wall art step 2 Cut out your patterns and trace them on to the back of your paper.

Step 3:

Oubly DIY wall art step 3 Using scissors or an exact-o knife, cut out your patterns.

Step 4:

Oubly DIY wall art step 4 Fit your piece of fabric in to the embroidery hoop and then tighten the clamp.

Step 5:

Oubly DIY wall art step 5 Trim excess fabric away.

Step 6:

Oubly DIY wall art step 6 Take your patterns and fold the stems up and in on themselves almost forming a closed rectangle shape.

Step 7:

Oubly DIY wall art step 7 Take a moment to lay out the pieces how you’d like them to be arranged within the embroidery hoop while the glue gun heats up.

Step 8:

Oubly DIY wall art step 8 Begin glueing down your pieces with hot glue working from front to back.

Step 9:

Oubly DIY wall art step 9 Once you start gluing on pieces after the first layer, start overlapping shapes and securing them on top of other shapes to cause a slight protrusion.

Step 10:

Oubly DIY wall art step 10 Once you’ve finished glueing, it’s time to find a spot to hang your beautiful, light-weight masterpiece.

Paulina Kay

Paulina Kay

is an artist, photographer, kitten lover and milkshake enthusiast who grew up in Michigan and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fine art and sunbathing. She hopes to one day marry Trueblood's Alexander Skarsgard.

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