DIY food wrapping paper

How to Create Extraordinary DIY Wrapping Paper with Food

If you’re sick of showing up to a party with another drab present wrapped in conventional paper, you need to rethink the way you’ve been using produce. I’m sure you never thought that it could double as a sponge and paint roller, but I’m here to show you otherwise. There are a good handful of fruits and vegetables that can create excellent textures that would be difficult to duplicate any other way.

Check out the cool patterns we made and try duplicating them yourself the next time you need super cool, unique wrapping paper.

DIY food wrapping paper materials

First step is to gather up plain craft paper, acrylic paint colors of your choice, and produce. I used a pineapple, cantaloupe, avocado, potato, and corn on the cob.

Then, you’ll want to have a tray that you can squeeze your paint in to that is large enough to ‘ink’ up your produce. Have a test sheet around to practice a bit so that you can get a feel of how the paint will apply.

Corn Print

DIY food wrapping paper corn print

When printing with produce, don’t be worried if the paint isn’t evenly distributed across. To get this look, I rolled the corn in half turns across the paper.

 Avocado Print

DIY food wrapping paper avocado print

I rolled one side of the avocado in paint and then rolled it across the paper causing it to overlap in some areas.

Melon Print

DIY food wrapping paper melon print

The melon was kind of difficult to work with because it was much larger, and the peel actually absorbed a bit of the paint more than the other surfaces so I had to keep reapplying more.

Potato Print

DIY food wrapping paper potato print

For the potato print, I didn’t use the skin or surface of the potato, but rather I cut it in to slices and used those as a sponge. I dipped them in paint and then stamped it on to the craft paper.

Pineapple Print

DIY food wrapping paper pineapple print

The pineapple print was another one that was a bit difficult. The ridges made it tougher to pick up the paint, but once it did, the effect was great.


Here’s the produce after it was used to create the texture for the wrapping papers.

DIY food wrapping paper aftermath


Ready…Set. Adorn

Once your wrapping paper dries, it’s all set to adorn gifts.

adorn gifts with DIY food wrapping paper


I even experimented with the potato by dipping it in both black and blue acrylic paint to get this marbled effect.

experimenting with DIY food wrapping paper


Give this a try and the surprise will not only be the present, but also the paper.

wrapping with DIY food wrapping paper


Never did a piece of corn make such a good impression!

DIY food wrapping paper final project


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