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How to Create an Eye Candy Easter Celebration

Easter is a holiday that gives everyone a reason to celebrate. After all, it typically signals the transition from winter’s snow and ice to spring’s sunshine and blossoms.

With the beginning of this new season comes the arrival of irises, daffodils, tulips, and many other early spring buds in every color of the rainbow.

So why not look to nature as inspiration for your family’s Easter celebration? Oubly.com has put together an inspiration board that showcases bold and beautiful hues of cherry, fuchsia, lemon, teal, and lime that you can use as motivation when making holiday treats or decorating your home.

Dazzling and delightful, these Easter ideas are sure to put your entire family into a festive mood!

To share your excitement for the season with the loved ones in your life, come to Oubly.com today and browse our selection of delightful Easter cards!

easter themed decorations


  1. Ribbon topiary via She’s Kinda Crafty

  2. Easter cupcakes via Itsy Bitsy Foodies

  3. Egg wreath via Positively Splendid

  4. Easter egg cookies via Two Twenty One

  5. Egg hunt bag via The Purl Bee

  6. Rice krispie treats via The Novice Chef

  7. Tissue paper flowers via Hostess with the Mostess

Anna Keizer

Anna Keizer

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