easter egg decorating ideas

7 Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

There is a certain nostalgia that I get from coloring Easter eggs. It reminds me of my childhood kitchen where the smell of hard-boiled eggs still lingers as my brothers and I hunch over coffee mugs.

We’d dip-dye our eggs and be happy watching the white shell absorb the coloring. So, it goes without saying that I love a good, flat finish dyed Easter egg as much as the next person.

However, there are many other fun options to explore when it comes to Easter egg decorating ideas! Sure, they might be a little bit more time-intensive, tedious, and messy, but the results definitely are worth it.

And after you send out your cute Easter cards, you’ll need something just as cute on the table for when guests arrive. As such, we’re sharing our new, favorite ways for enhancing eggs to inspire your own decorating ingenuity!


easter egg decorating ideas
Image Source: Studio DIY

These eggs are still traditionally dyed, but they’ve got a touch of foil confetti on one end to make them look shiny and new. See complete instructions for them here.


textured egg decoration ideas
Image Source: Flickr

The texture of these makes them super cool. To get the effect, you’ll need styrofoam eggs, colored sequins, and gold push-pins.

Simply push the pin through the sequin hole and into the egg about a hundred times and voila!


washi tape egg decortion ideas
Image Source: Trendser

Just when you thought there wasn’t another use for washi tape, this proves you wrong.

Have fun making cute characters or simply use it as the easiest way to put a pattern on your egg.


nail polish egg deocration ideas
Image Source: Little Inspiration 

Yes, I know this looks like just another marbling egg technique, but take a second to notice the bright, bold coloring on these guys.

To get vibrant hues like this, simply use nail polish in water and dip-dye like normal.


polka dot egg decorating ideas
Image Source: She Makes A Home

Polka dots are fun and cute, and these brightly colored, sequined ones just scream “celebrate!” To get this look, use a hole punch in your desired card stock and then adhere the dots on to your egg with craft glue.


elegant egg decorating ideas
Image Source: Dizzy Maiden

If you’d like to take a more elegant route, find your prettiest floral napkins and use mod podge to let them wrap around your egg.


terrarium egg decorating ideas
Image Source: Shelterness 

These terrarium eggs are my favorite because they literally contain a mini version of what I think of as “spring” inside of them.

See the steps on how to make these precious pods here.


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