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25+ Stunning Examples of Edge Colored Business Cards

Look at your current business cards. Do they lack a certain something? Could your business card be improved? Are your cards not as eye catching as you hoped?

If you said yes to all the previous questions, it may be time to consider a redesign.

Fortunately, you might be able to tweak your cards with making a change as simple as edge coloring. That’s right, we are talking about edge colored business cards.

Business cards can be a reflection of who you are. With edge colored cards, you will most certainly make a fantastic first impression. If anything edge cards certainly look good from any angle.

Furthermore, out of all the unique and crazy business cards out there, edge colored cards are probably the most affordable and approachable option.

Edge Card Color Breakdown

In case you want to take the plunge and decide that edge cards are right for you, there are several companies that offer thick edge cards; Oubly being one of them.

Here is an illustrated guide of the CMYK breakdown for each standard color offered by Oubly. You can use the values to make changes to your business card colors; this will ensure that the edge color will match as close as possible to the printed color.

Gold Edge
C : 20 / M : 30 / Y : 70 / K : 0


Silver Edge
C : 0 / M : 0 / Y : 0 / K : 30


Yellow Edge
C : 0 / M : 14 / Y : 96 / K : 0


Lime Edge
C : 30 / M : 0 / Y : 90 / K : 0


Pink Edge
C : 0 / M : 80 / Y : 0 / K : 0


Red Edge
C : 0 / M : 100 / Y : 80 / K : 0


Turquoise Edge
C : 90 / M : 0 / Y : 30 / K : 0


Blue Edge
C : 100 / M : 40 / Y : 0 / K : 20


Bronze Edge
C : 9 / M : 43 / Y : 55 / K : 39


Black Edge
C : 0 / M : 0 / Y : 0 / K : 100

If the standard business card edge colors do not match your desired edge colors, Oubly can also match edge colors. Simply provide them with your CMYK color value breakdown or provide them with a Pantone color.

You can also find appropriate Pantone color by visiting this page.

Pantone Color Finder

Without further delays, here are twenty-five spectacular edge business cards that will help you design your own.


Colorful Oubly Business Cards
Colorful Oubly Business Cards


Bite Mark Die Cut Business Cards

Bite Mark Die Cut Business Cards


Gold Edge Painted Business Cards
Gold Edge Painted Business Cards and Gold Edge


Gold Foil on Recycled Paper with Black Edge


Purple, Red, and Yellow Edge Colored Business Cards


Yellow Edge Colored Business Cards


Gold Edge Colored Business Cards


Pink Edge Business Cards Designed by Kim Urbas


Yellow Edge Business Cards


Orange Edge Business Cards


Red Edge BusinessCards


Teal Edge Business Cards


Die Cut Yellow Edge Business cards


Diffraction Foil Edge Business Cards


Spot Florescent Pink Edge Business Cards


Teal Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card


4sided Edge Painted Postcards


Die Cut Lime Edge Business Cards


Yellow Edge Business Cards


Black Painted Business Cards


PMS Fluorescence Edge Business Cards


Yellow Edge Wedding Stationery


PMS Fluorescence Edge Letterpress Busines Cards


Edge Recycled Paper Business Cards


Fluorescence Pink Letterpress Business Cards
Fluorescence Pink Letterpress Business Cards


4sided Edge Business Cards


Gold Foil Edge Business Cards


4color Edge Business Cards



Oubly.com is a platform that offers offers custom business cards, postcards, canvas prints, and more.

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