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7 Ways to Put a New Spin on the Egg Dying Tradition

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Many of us have fond Easter memories of decorating eggs with those little colored tablets and cups of water and vinegar. But oh how times have changed!

As DIY projects have exploded in popularity, so too have ways to dress up Easter eggs! From tape to crayons to tissue paper, you can use a seemingly endless array of craft materials to make your Easter eggs wholly unique and beautiful.

Given how common some of these decorating tools are, you might already have them in your house! Plus, these decorating ideas are family-friendly so even the littlest crafters can enjoy them.

Take advantage of one, some, or all of these creative tips for your Easter celebration.

If you plan to showcase your one-of-a-kind eggs at an Easter party this year, don’t forget to drop by and pick out the perfect Easter Cards for your holiday gathering!

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  1. Nail polish marbled eggs via Henry Happened

  2. Lace eggs via Maya Made

  3. Chalkboard eggs via It’s Overflowing

  4. Bleeding tissue paper eggs via The Chocolate Muffin Tree

  5. Speckled eggs via Poofy Cheeks

  6. Melted crayon eggs via Housing a Forest

  7. Washi tape eggs via Lovely Indeed



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