Oubly Halloween themed envelope liners tutorial

How to Make Halloween Themed Envelope Liners

Featured Design: Happy Halloween Party Invitation

Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? Send out invitations that will make your guests feel extra special. A printed invitation sets the tone of the party and adding a envelope liners will bring a smile to your guests.

 Step 1:

oubly halloween envelope liners material

First, order your halloween invitations and decide on the style of envelopes you want for your cards. For this craft, we used  7″ x 5″ kraft envelopes.

Step 2:

Oubly halloween card liners tutorial

Cut a 7″x 7″ square from heavy card stock paper. Measure 2″ from any side of the square and cut the square inwards in a diagonal manner. Repeat this step on the opposite side of the square and you will end up with the shape for the envelope liners.

Print the“boo” design and trace the envelope liner with a pencil.

Step 3

Oubly halloween card liners tutorial step 2

Insert the envelope liner inside an envelope and you are done!

Oubly envelope liners

When a guest opens the envelope and takes the card out, a “boo” greeting will be visible. Use washi tape to seal your envelopes, and this will prompt guests to open the envelope by ripping off the tape. Voila, Your Halloween greeting will “spook” the recipient 😉

Ursula Rosien

Ursula Rosien

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