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Boost Your Live Events Engagement with these 4 Event Promotion and Logistics Tips

Live events are still a big thing in the business world. So much, in fact, that 80% of marketers claim that events are crucial for the success of their business. Not only that, but live events are known to have major influence on product sales.

That’s why it’s of the utmost importance for businesses to promote events successfully and do their best to maximize engagement.

However, that’s easier said than done. Event promotion, just like any other marketing campaign, has to be carefully designed in order to pique the interest of your audience and encourage them to attend. Promoting an event is as important as organizing one.

Therefore, you need to invest in both marketing and logistics, in order to make an event a huge hit and ensure that all the attendees are more than satisfied.

Here are a few event promotion and logistics tips for maximizing engagement.

Create Awesome Content

event promotion awesome content

Event promotion is like creating a marketing campaign. You need to develop content that will interest the audience and make them engaged.

You must also tailor your messages well, in order to convince people to sign up for the event.

Lastly, you must remind them about the event before it actually starts.

Simply put, you’re supposed to lead your audience down a marketing funnel to ensure they’ll both sign up and attend the event. The best way to achieve this is through quality content.

Content can help create the buzz before, during and after the event, which is crucial for engagement. What’s more, you must adjust the content to various channels, such as social media, email and so on, in order to gain the best coverage.

Moreover, make sure that your content is designed to inspire engagement and get people talking. Also, use content to explain to people why it will benefit them to attend your event.

Focus on Design and User Experience

Your website design is crucial for the success of both the event and its promotion. Your leads will inevitably reach your landing page sooner or later, in order to sign up for the event, so it’s important to leave a good first impression.

In fact, it only takes about 50 milliseconds for people to form a first impression based on design. If the design is not right, your leads will abandon the page.

event promotion design

Furthermore, it’s also important to focus on user experience (UX), which means your pages must be functional, usable and easy to navigate.

If you want to have a seamless design and UX, you might consider consulting with a digital agency that can help you create an environment your customers will enjoy.

Forming an excellent first impression is essential and that’s why you need to implement an awesome design to your landing pages.

Follow up with Email

Simply promoting your event over social media isn’t enough to keep people engaged. That’s why it’s important to include email into your marketing funnel. As a matter of fact, email can be 40 times more effective in acquiring leads than Facebook and Twitter combined.

The best thing about email is that you can tailor personalized messages to your leads, as well as add custom content to it that will boost their engagement.

Email newsletters are also a good way to remind people about the event and ask them to confirm their attendance. What’s more, you can segment the email list and categorize leads based on importance, interest, chance of attending and so on.

That way, it will be easier to tailor messages to your audience and convince them to attend the event.

Assess the Venue

event promotion venue

One of the major issues for live events is that the number of people who signed up for the event doesn’t necessarily mean the number of attendees. That’s why you must pick the venue that can accommodate a specific number of attendees and still have room for more.

Moreover, you must determine if the venue has enough parking space, if they offer security or you will be the one who will be taking care of that, what’s their catering service, if any, and so on.

You must also set the environment that will match the event’s theme. It’s important to address every aspect that will make the event more seamless and pleasant. That way, you’ll ensure the success of the event and the satisfaction of attendees.

The location and mood are the most important features after successful event promotion. If you manage to exceed attendee’s expectations, you can ensure that they’ll be engaged even after the event is done.

Event promotion requires a careful, well-planned approach, so that the event itself can be truly successful. You must make an effort to develop a creative event promotion campaign, as well as to ensure that the ambient is up to the task once the guests arrive.

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